A Chinese preacher who was repeatedly detained for sharing the Gospel in the streets was reported to be a former drug addict who got saved himself.

Chen Wensheng, a former drug addict, has now become an active and passionate "street preacher," ChinaAid reported.

In a story of hope and redemption, Chen spent more than 10 years of his life enslaved by his addiction to drugs until he learned about Christ and what He did on the Cross to set him free.

With a very personal encounter of the Cross and what Christ did, Chen stressed that the Gospel that Jesus died on the Cross to free those enslaved by sin and to give eternal life to those who believes in Him is the same Gospel that finally freed him from his drug problem.

Now, Chen can be seen on the streets preaching the Gospel alone, together with his 84-year old mother or with fellow Christians in the downtown area.

Chen's own story of redemption made him like Paul who did not stop after Jesus saved him, but instead went on to spread the Gospel everywhere.

Walking Testimony

Chen may not be going to many places in China given that Christianity is still persecuted in the nation, but his tenacity and passion is an encouragement to fellow Christians in and out of the communist nation. He is a walking and living testimony that a life changed by God is truly powerful.

Recently, Chen and his wife received a "couple clothing suit" from one of their Christian friends. The couple suit has embroidered sleeves with the verse found on Exodus 17:15 that says, "Moses built an altar and called it 'Jehovah Nissi' which means 'The LORD is my Banner." In other translation, it also means "I triumph with the help of Jesus."

Under the embroidered verse is a barcode that when scanned reveals a message saying, "He prayed: 'God, please help us triumph over the evil of the world.'"

While the suit may look unusual to some, it's a testament of Chen's life of triumph with God and with the people he has shared the Gospel to.

On a typical day, Chen would hold a cross while proclaiming about Jesus who is our "Glorious Savior," calling people to be saved by repenting of their sins and to trust God as he has done.

But life is not without struggles for the former drug addict.

"Even in prison"

With his preaching on the streets, Chen has suffered multiple detentions this year as Christianity Daily reported.

But unlike others put in detention, Chen is a "willing" prisoner and even smiles every time a police officer comes to arrest him. He was even able to share to them the Gospel by saying, "Jesus loves you. God bless you. I will go with you."

Because of his many arrests, police and detention officers at the Hengyang station already knows Chen by name.

Once when he was detained, Chen was still able to praise God on his WeChat Moment saying, "Hallelujah! Thank You, Lord-for your grace and blessing."

Despite the many threats, warnings and detention that Chen has suffered because of his faith, he has no plan to stop sharing the Gospel - even if he has to do it in prison.

"I have made up my mind to proclaim the gospel-even in prison," Chen said.