"When you take God out of the equation, destruction is what's left" says former NFL player and now Utah Rep. Burgess Owens during a Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) panel on Saturday.

The CPAC panel's topic where Owens spoke, dubbed as "In the Left's Own Words: 'Disrupting the Nuclear Family,'" was also participated in by Jack Brewer, Leo Terrell, and Morgan Zegers. Brewer currently works for the White House while Terrel, a former Democrat, contributes to Fox News. As for Zegers, she is the CEO of the Young Americans Against Socialism group.

Mary Vought, executive director of the Senate Conservatives Fund, acted as the moderator during the discussion.

"Our panel today is going to focus on how the Left hates the nuclear family and, in their own words, how they're attempting to destroy it," she said.

The devaluing of the role of biological women through word replacements like "breastfeeding" to "chestfeeding" in order to be more inclusive of transgender males is, according to Vought, an "attempt to destroy our very unique, God-given role in a family."

Moving on to Rep. Owens, he recounted his growing up years in Florida as an African American in the '60s. He said that the black community had "education, faith, the free market, and family." These factors contributed to their advancement.

"We led our country in the '60s in the growth of the middle class," he said.

Owens thinks that his community's economic success has been turned" upside down" by the hard Left. It's his plea that people won't allow the Leftists to do the same to the country.

The representative further explained that this reversal of progress was the consequence of compromising faith-based values.

"The reason why our country's such a unique country is because of the foundation of ... Judeo-Christian values that allow us to see each other ... inside out versus outside in. The left wants to ... devalue womanhood, devalue manhood, destroy our kids because when you take God out of the equation, destruction is what's left and that's all they have right now."

"You take away manhood, you take away the idea of what men are supposed to do, which is to sacrifice everything for their family, their wife, and their name," Owens added.

Also a former NFL player, Jack Brewer shared his experience visiting inner-city schools where he witnessed some "mothers who have no clue how to raise their kids."

"We don't have a problem with our children in America. We have a problem with our parents," he said.

Thus, he urges conservatives to be more proactive in working among the inner-city youths.

"The Bible teaches us to go out and serve our neighbors, the Bible commands us to do that. It tells us, right in scripture, right in James 1:27, 'Pure religion and undefiled before God the Father is this, to serve the orphan and the widow."

Brewer also went further in his emphases by adding that "we have to get back to putting God into our schools, God back into our families, but more importantly, as Christians, we got to break out of our own bubbles."

Leo Terrell supported Rep. Owens' conservative stand on what constitutes a nuclear family.

"The family unit is one of the most important values in this country, the mother, the father that makes us a great nation," he asserted. 

Terrell also maintained that part of the Leftists' propaganda is to "make everyone dependent on the government" by destroying the foundation of a family through redefinitions and transference of obligations.

As for Morgan Zegers, she castigated those on the far Left for brainwashing people to stay unmarried and childless by sowing fear through information like an impending climate apocalypse.

"They are removing every aspect of natural happiness, fulfillment and purpose in our lives and they are creating this soulless, empty society."

Zegers also claimed that the Left wants to "end the nuclear family in order to pass a collectivist, socialist agenda."

Adding to Vought's example on "breastfeeding," Zegers decry the progressive ideology that "pregnancy is a tool of oppression." The Left proliferates this idea and its place, they would create a "surrogacy system by the government so that women do not have to bear their own children" Zegers said.

The panel discussion then moved to the Equality Act. Brewer branded it as a "Sodom and Gomorrah Declaration" that grooms children to question their natural genders and without proper guidance. He argued that this is a "spiritual battle" in the guise of empowering children to make decisions for themselves starting with picking their gender.

Brewer went on to note the importance of fathers in the transformative years of children. Per stats, fatherless children have a greater probability to end up in prison because of the lack of a biblical manhood's influence.

"We're influencing women not to need men and we're influencing our boys to be soft," he said.

Wrapping up his speech, Brewer challenged the audience by saying, "Are we going to establish our truth through the Word of God? Or are we going to establish through the desires of man?"

Watch the video below to hear what they have to say about the importance of bringing God back into society: