Simone Peer, a former practicing white witch, shares her remarkable story about how God delivered her from witchcraft.

 Speaking with CBN News, Peer thought that the type of witchcraft she was under was the 'good side' of the occult.

"I was a 'white witch'," she said. "And this was 'white witchcraft' that was divine and heavenly."

CBN detailed Peer's background and how she got exposed to occult practices. It said that her mother consulted psychics and spirits, hence, in Peer's world, "horoscopes, numerology, the Ouija Board, seeing ghosts, psychic phenomenon," were normal.

In her quest for self-worth, Peers narrated that the physical and verbal abuse she suffered from a close family member and getting molested by their neighbor when she was just five years old drove her further into the world of witchcraft.

"I think I also took it on as 'I just must be completely unlovable and worthless,'" she shared.

As a teenager that time, that self-deprecating feeling led her into a lifestyle of promiscuity, as well as alcohol addiction and substance abuse. Like a plague, she said that thoughts of suicide tormented her throughout her high school and college years.

The Christian outlet explained Peer's initiation to witchcraft. It happened when she was on a college break. She said that she met a woman who taught her how to read tarot cards.

"My attention would be drawn into different details of the card that would sort of open a door on that invisible side that would tell me those secrets," said Peers who, at that time, thought that it's about finding answers and truth.

Soon, she's drawn to new age philosophy and practices that by the time she reached 20, she regarded herself as a 'white witch.' She thought that her occult knowledge is 'good' for people and herself.

"I kept believing that if I pursued more and more and more light that I would find the answer to what was wrong with ME and somehow I would get fixed, and it would all just feel better," she said.

Peers continued saying that she spent the next thirty years of her life "seeking enlightenment and attaining the highest level of 'white witchcraft'- the high priestess." She did this through joining "Santeria" - a Satanist occult, and through other forms of spirituality that's huge on animal sacrifices.

"It was the shedding of blood in which we were able to be cleansed, healed and gain power and rise through levels of initiation," Peers explained.

The turnaround in her life happened in 2017 when she stumbled upon a video testimony of Alice Cooper, a heavy metal singer, who was sharing his own personal testimony of how Jesus freed him from his vices. Cooper found hope to live a new life.

"I realized that I was an ambassador for Satan," said Peers. "I didn't even know what it meant to have Jesus. I didn't understand it at all, I just knew that my heart cracked open, I knew that He was there, and I knew I was a 'Yes.'"

She went on to say that she had been playing god through her spells which she previously thought was not an act of manipulating people and other things. She said that she confessed all those in her prayer of repentance and plea for God to save her.

According to CBN, Peers ditched all her things linked to occultism and started attending church where she received deliverance from demonic strongholds.

"I have no idea how many demons I was delivered from. I noticed in my heart and spirit I felt free," recalled the now-certified Christian life coach.