A Daily Wire (DW) investigation states that they found the "Stop AAPI Hate" movement as having ties with a far-left group that's reportedly pushing policies that are also anti-Asian.

The American conservative news site asserts in their investigation that the two journalists who catalyzed the "Stop AAPI Hate" movement had previously worked for a Chinese state-controlled media prior to their entry in the U.S as visiting students. DW states that their "outreach efforts" are set on shaping "the political opinions of first-generation Chinese-American immigrants in California."

"Stop AAPI Hate has been described as a nonprofit that started aggregating hate incidents against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders after a virus that originated in China began to spread worldwide. But a Daily Wire investigation found that it is tied to longstanding far-left groups that some community members say oppose Asians' actual interests, including Stop AAPI Hate's fiscal sponsor, Chinese for Affirmative Action (CAA)," states the report.

Based in San Francisco, CAA has reportedly advocated for a policy, dubbed as Proposition 16, that could "sharply curtail the number of Asians at rigorous universities." The measure was rejected by voters, many of whom are Asians, in November 2020.

Working with other organizations, CAA's recent project is the "Stop AAPI Hate" movement which the outlet describes as seeking to "redirect anger over a rash of violent crimes against Asians - often committed by non-white suspects - to promote causes backed by progressive black activist groups."

The report added that the movement's media outreach is currently "managed by Fenton, a group of progressive strategists whose client list includes the Planned Parenthood Federation of America." They're also backed by liberal billionaires called the Democracy Alliance and an Afro-American activist group called the "Color of Change."

Wenyuan Wu, the executive director of the former "No on Prop 16" campaign, reportedly described CAA as "a progressive organization with a mission to promote race-based affirmative action." She said that some of the organization's members "such as Terry Cui and Jinxia Niu are Chinese citizens with visible ties" to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). She added that she has "extensive experience" dealing with the aforementioned persons.

Cui and Niu, according to Wu, had "significant roles" in attempting to influence California's Asian-American vote through WeChat, a popular Chinese social media app.

DW also noted that despite many Asian communities advocating for a greater police presence to fend off violence in San Francisco, CAA's response is "to create alternatives to safety and justice."

On the rising numbers of hate crimes against Asians, the report said that based on the number of arrests, statistics in 2020 show that Afro-Americans were the major perpetrators of violence against the AAPIs. Additionally, the collected data- widely disseminated by the media- from the 3,795 reported incidents only accounts a total of 11% for physical assaults. The rest were categorized as "verbal harassment" (68.1%) or "shunning" (20.5%).

In her op-ed titled "Identity Politics Do more Harm than Good," Wenyuan Wu said that ethnicity positioning strategy like Stop AAPI Hate's is putting Asians "in the crossfire of a cultural war, with the ascending progressive side seeking to inject traces of white supremacy into every situation to confirm their ideology."

"It advances the ideological agenda of the groups behind the initiative and their partner organizations," she said.

Please read The Daily Wire's report for an in-depth discussion of the organization's ties to the CCP.