Andrew Torba, CEO of free-speech platform Gab, called for the American people to support an American Populist movement ruled and unified by the Lord Jesus Christ.

In his Gab article, Torba urged Christians to fight the rising "Communist Color in America" by taking part in a movement centered on God.

He said that Chauvin's trial showed "that law and order no longer reign in the United States of America."

He was saddened that some "Republicans" and "conservatives" were "praising" the "clown show trial," giving an impression that "domestic terrorists" can keep on doing what they think are right, people he described as "more dangerous than The Enemy."

"Anarcho-tyranny has taken over on behalf of the Globalist American Empire. These people have totally subverted our country, our media, our banks, our schools, our churches, and the minds of many of our children," he continued.

"None of us want any violence, the Democrat-run cities can keep and retain all the "benefits" of multiculturalism, critical theory, and "diversity" to themselves. We want no part of it. Our people, the American people, just want to be left alone to raise our families and worship God," Torba added.

He said that to make the "American Populism movement" successful, it must be operated "spiritually centralized" but materially decentralized. The movement should not have a centralized group or figurehead so that the "Globalist American Empire" will not be able "isolate, target and destroy" it. Instead, it should be "centralized and unified only around Jesus Christ."

"Christ is the only way. Let the Enemy try and attack Jesus and Christianity, which will only galvanize our base and wake more Christians up to what is going on. If they have no central person or group to attack, they must attack us all collectively or even worse: attack Jesus Christ Himself," he further stated.

Torba pointed out that the "Make America Great Again" (MAGA) movement failed because it had a "centralized attack vector," which was former President Donald Trump. Having him as a centralized figurehead, it was easy for the "Globalist American Empire" to destroy the movement by targeting Trump, as well as the people around him.

However, he said that the main reason of the MAGA movement's failure was that, it did not have "Jesus Christ as its guiding leader and King."

Further, he stated that for the American Populism to succeed, it should be a Christian movement. It must have a type of Christianity guided by Biblical truth and not false gospel, adding that this "is the only way forward."

He also observed that the people in Trump's "orbit" have "transformed" him from being a movement leader into becoming a "fundraising machine" for Republicans that advocate COVID vaccines, benefitting pharmaceutical companies.

Torba added that his statements may sound offensive to Trump's supporters but he just had to tell the truth because he voted for Trump himself and supported the "America First Agenda."

"I tell you the truth only because I love you and want you to shift your worship, focus, and attention from former President Trump to the King of Kings Jesus Christ. Christ is the only path forward," he also said.

He went on by saying that people must make themselves right with God.

"First and foremost get right with God yourself as an individual. Repent. Call on Christ. Believe. Read God's Word. Get yourself in a good church. If you're in a woke church, take it back for Christ and if it can't be taken back then leave, find, or start a new church," he said.

Torba claimed that he is optimistic of the future because of Jesus Christ, encouraging believers to serve Him and make disciples. He called Christians as "reformers" and "builders."

"Read your Bible: we can and will overcome," he declared.

Moreover, he said that they have already overcome challenges numerous times before and he is confident that they will be victorious again today "by the Grace of God."

"May His Will be done and may He grant us the strength and wisdom to rebuild from the ashes of societal ruin," he further stated.

He ended the article by highlighting the relevance of Jesus Christ in the journey to progress.

"At this point I think it's obvious to most of us that peaceful secession and establishing dominion in the name of Jesus Christ, His Gospel, and the Biblical Christian worldview is unequivocally the only path forward," Torba concluded.