Parents are concerned after a magnet school in Virginia was found to have racist activism teachings that encourage support for the Black Lives Matter movement and other anti-racist indoctrination.

Political "wokeness" is spreading across schools in the United States and many parents are concerned for how the minds of their young children are being formed. Most recently, a top U.S. high school in Virginia was found to be indoctrinating kids with Black Lives Matter (BLM) teachings and racist activism ideologies.

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, a magnet school in Virginia, was providing mandatory lessons to children with topics on controversial critical race theory in the name of "socio-emotional learning."

According to The Federalist, concerned parent Suparna Dutta received from her son distressing videos that captured their lessons on racist activism. In it, the children of the class were made to watch the Netflix film titled "13th," directed by award-winning Black American filmmaker Ava DuVernay. The film however, features a biased narrative on policing in the U.S.

Moreover, children in the top U.S. high school were also subjected to several PowerPoint slides that featured BLM's official branding, three bright yellow stripes on black. It even included the BLM mantra, "Racism as a structure," with a gigantic finger of a white man towering over a black man.

The slides featuring BLM teachings shown to the children in the top U.S. high school read "Racism has persisted and evolved as an institution" and "Criminals are constitutionally deprived of freedom." Kids in the Jefferson High School class were made up of 20% white, 70% Asian, and 10% black, Hispanic, and multiracial.

The class was also exposed to the race theory concept of "intersectionality," with some minority students being reprimanded for their alleged "racism." They were also told that "At T.J., the lack of diversity and informed students has perpetuated microaggressions and casual racism."

Parents are concerned over the lengths that the top U.S. high school would go to promote BLM teachings and racist activism to such young children. The report showed that there were over 200 pages of internal school emails that revealed how staff of Thomas Jefferson High School actually planned to show the "13th" documentary to students alongside a discussion on "anti-racism" or racist activism, which was masked as "socio-emotional learning." Even more concerning that these discussions did not include parents, not even once.

Visit The Federalist for a look at some of the reported images discussed above.

The occurrences of schools providing BLM teachings and racist activism ideologies have gone unchecked and reveals underlying issues concerning American schools today. It makes children vulnerable at an age when they are just building awareness and their own thoughts about the world around them.

According to Newsweek, parents are now sending in letters to Parents Defending Education, a "national grassroots organization working to reclaim our schools from activists promoting harmful agendas." They are calling for the abolition of "racially divisive curriculum," "blatant activism in the classroom," and "radical gender ideology."

In these classrooms, females and people of color are made to believe their are victims, while white children are made to be the villain and that they must rise up against today's patriarchal, white supremacist society.