A new book called "The ABC's of Morality" is reported to help avoid raising woke kids and is currently cited as "Amazon's No. 1 new release in early childhood education."

According to the Christian Post, "The ABC's of Morality" is designed to counter the woke culture that has become prevalent in children's literature. The said book is written by Lauren Southern who was assisted by George Alexopoulos for the books' illustration.

"The ABC's of Morality was created to combat the woke takeover of children's literature with wholesomeness instead. It's okay to be masculine! Bravery is good! Don't fall for the trap of group think. Pursue virtue & wisdom! These are just a few of the lessons in this book [smile emoji]," Southern said on Twitter last Thursday.

The book's cover colorfully shows three children attempting to climb up a wooden ladder set against a tower of ABC blocks. While its description, as posted in Amazon, raises valid realities on mankind's accomplishment in various technologies against attaining the virtues of humility and wisdom, among others.

"While society has progressed, it seems we've left behind the basic building blocks of our civilization--our morals. We know how to cure disease, Tik Tok (sic), Zoom and even how to fly to the moon, but do we know how to be humble? Do we know how to act with wisdom? Do we know how to think for ourselves? The ABC's of Morality is a fun, wholesome primer on basic concepts of politics and soul that are too often forgotten in our confusing modern world. The book is written and illustrated for readers of all ages to enjoy!" Read the book's description at Amazon.

CP said Southern is a documentary filmmaker and YouTube personality. While Amazon says the book is "independently published" on March 31. Yet, CP added, that it already registered high reception based on a post made by Southern in social media.

"That's right!!! #1 Movin and shakin up this progressive literature craze. Not even been out a day [smile emoji] top 20 in US new releases as well, and #1 in children's values new releases!" Southern announced in her Facebook account on April 1.

Southern's post was accompanied with a screenshot of the books ranked by Amazon as "Movers & Shakers" showing "The ABC's of Morality" with a sales rank of 285, which is 7 points higher than the book ranked #2.

In a separate tweet, Southern shared that she had a child read the book who "loved it" and posted screenshots of the book's pages on the letter "F" and "V" and its corresponding word, which explains its meaning.

"So far have had a four year old read it that loved it, although some of the words were a little big for him! Primary / Elementary school I'd say. Here's one of the simpler poems compared to the most complex. Virtue by far the most challenging though, most aren't like it," she said.

CP cited Southern's series of tweets that present the different contents of her book to really contradict the woke mentality such as "F" is for "Femininity," "H" for "Humility," "T" for "Tyranny," and "V" for "Virtue," which she defined as "the choice to be good in the choices you make" that should "be loved and acclaimed."

Under "Virtue", Southern listed the words: "being brave, being generous, (and) standing for justice," "charisma and friendliness," "moderation, patience, and humility," and "liberality, humor, and honesty."

Southern's book is a reverse of the left wing book of Matt Walsh's "The GayBCs" that is tagged by the conservative outlet Not The Bee as a "radical vision for the future of America" early this March.