‘American Girl’ Forcing LGBT Agenda On Kids Using ‘2021 Girl Of The Year’ Storybook

girl reading a book

U.S. doll company and storybook brand "American Girl" is under fire for blatantly including lesbian characters in one of their latest books.

In late December, the company introduced its "2021 Girl of the Year" named Kira Bailey, a 10-year-old from Michigan, who according to Yahoo! Life is a climate change and environment advocate. The doll's accompanying book titled "Kira Down Under" follows the character as she visits an animal sanctuary in Australia, which is operated by her great aunts named Mamie and Lynette, two lesbians who are married to each other.

The "American Girl" book explained that the two aunts were able to marry "after the law was changed to allow it." In 2017, the Australian Parliament legalized same-sex marriage, making it the 25th county to do so.

According to The Guardian, the landslide win was overwhelming across parties, with only four members of the parliament voting "no." This happened two years after it was legalized in America under the Obama administration in 2015.

The decision of "American Girl" to include a lesbian storyline is part of a bigger LGBT agenda of the company, which has been vocal about fighting discrimination against race and sexuality. However, many parents are angered by the inclusion of lesbian characters in the "2021 Girl Of The Year" storybook because it did not have a warning on its cover with regards to such content.

Parents believe that the topic of same-sex relationships is a very mature matter that should not be in any way part of a book that is clearly labeled for 8-year-old children and above. Parents are deeply concerned about having to discuss such topics with very young children, especially when the LGBT agenda is being pushed by a brand that has long been trusted by parents across the country.

Those who have closely followed "American Girl" books would know that this is not the first time the company delved into topics concerning the LGBT agenda, LifeSite News reported. "American Girl's" advice book titled "A Smart Girl's Guide to Boys" was renamed to "A Smart Girl's Guide: Crushes" to allow room for discussions on same-sex attraction and relationships.

Horrified parents took to the Amazon reviews section to air out their concerns about the "2021 Girl Of The Year" storybook from "American Girl." Customer Krissy K. wrote about the LGBT agenda present in the book, writing that it's "Disgusting they feel the need to indoctrinate our children. This is inappropriate for children."

Another customer by the name of Mandy F. called out the doll company for not placing a label with regards to the LGBT agenda of the storybook, "It was very wrong for 'American Girl' doll to put this book out including a homosexual relationship without any information in the description so parents could decide for themselves whether or not this book was appropriate for their child. I'm disappointed and angry that this agenda is being pushed on our children."

An angered mom by the name of Aimee Johnson wrote, "Homosexuality is not normal or healthy, nor is there a place for it in a kid's book. Where is the parental warning? It's very clear that many are against sinful lifestyles. Sounds like AG is willing to throw Christians under the bus in order to support perversion."

"American Girl" has yet to publicly respond to the backlash they've received following the release of the "2021 Girl Of The Year" storybook.