After a 15-year hiatus, Disney is bringing back the beloved "The Proud Family" series, but this time with a major pro-LGBT twist. The reboot of "The Proud Family" tagged "Louder and Prouder" will feature a gay mixed-race couple who are parents to a teen activist.

Disney's revamp of the children's cartoon will include mixed race, same sex parents Barry and Randall Leibowitz, who will be voiced by gay actor Zachary Quinto of "Star Trek" and Billy Porter, a style icon and TV personality who was the first openly gay black man to be nominated and win in any lead acting category at the Primetime Emmys.

"The Proud Family" first aired between 2001 and 2005 but its reboot, tagged "Louder and Prouder," is set to air on Disney Plus in 2022, Entertainment Weekly reported. The media giant unveiled the addition of its same-sex parents after they announced that actress Keke Palmer will voice the new character Maya, a 14 year old activitist who is the daughter of same-sex parents Barry and Randall.

The upcoming reboot's executive producers are Bruce W. Smith and Ralph Farquhar, who led the original 2001 series. As with the original, the reboot will also feature the show's original characters, Penny Proud, Oscar Proud, Trudy Proud, Uncle Bobby Proud, and Suga Mama.

As of late, Disney has been catering to the pro-LGBT crowd, adding more LGBT characters in its content. In fact, "The Proud Family" reboot will feature series character Michael Collins, Penn's best friend who is described as a "a non-conforming trendsetter."

Faithwire reported that Disney's cartoon series "The Owl House" will feature a 14-year-old Dominican-American girl who is bisexual. In 2020, the Disney-Pixar film "Onward" featured the company's "first self-identified LGBT character in an animated movie" in Officer Cyclops. But the transformation of Disney's content into full-blown pro-LGBT woke propaganda is not sitting well with conservative parents and Christian leaders.

Pastor John MacArthur of California condemned the media's choice to include pro-LGBT woke propaganda in their content for children, saying thay they are creating "characters that are transgender to seduce children into accepting wickedness as normal."

"Children are under a relentless assault by all the forces of evil, and they are defenseless," Pastor MacArthur argued. "We have a society and a culture that wants to make sure that those who are pumping out this destruction are free to keep doing it without restraint."

Disney's woke propaganda is not only evident in their media content, but also in Disney World and its employees as well. The Kansas City Star reported this week that Disney faced major backlash when they decided to remove the "wench auction" in the popular Pirates of the Caribbean ride and revamped its Splash Mountain flume ride to skip the story line surrounding "Song of the South," which talks of post-Civil War plantation life. The company was also found to have released new guidelines for its employees about cultural sensitivity and wokeness, causing major backlash among employees and conservative parties.