Singing the inspirational song that she co-wrote, Lauren Daigle performed in the finale of "The Voice" Tuesday evening.

Daigle sang "Hold on to Me" during the event and even added some adlibs in concluding her performance, Faithwire reported.

The singer expressed her delight on Twitter.

"Still on cloud 9 after an incredible time back on @NBCTheVoice. There are so many moving pieces in days like this, and it all happens so fast - but every moment is just so much fun. Very grateful," she tweeted.

NBC's "The Voice," for its part, said Daigle "never fails to inspire us."

Daigle released the song last February. Speaking to American Songwriter, she revealed her collaboration with Paul Mabury and Paul Duncan in writing the track during her tour in 2019, which they did between tour stops in Wichita, Kansas and Phoenix.

They never expected that the lyrics of the song would "[come] to life" when the pandemic hit last year.

She also shared why she likes the song.

"The thing I love most about this song is that it lends itself to someone who is feeling incredibly vulnerable, someone who is feeling insecure, or uncertain. There are times we may need a reminder of who we are and that we are worthy of having joy in our lives. In moments where the future may look uncertain and unknown, this is a song of hope that any person can cling to," she said.

Daigle disclosed that she doesn't want her songs to be "just cliché."

"I love poetry and lyrical depth. When I was new to Nashville, I told my producers, I said, 'I really don't want to settle for just cliché. I want to dive in, almost like a hymn. It can be modern, but just something that offers a little bit more," she said.

She considers Duncan and Mabury as her trusted team of co-writers. Mabury produced her hit songs, "Trust In You" and "Look Up Child."

Mabury likes beats and sounds while Daigle "treasures" melodies. Duncan serves as their lyrical concept engineer.

"All three of us have a unique placement and we understand the roles of the other people in the room. With that synergy, it is genuinely one of my favorite experiences. Iron sharpens iron. I love writing with those guys," the singer explained.

She uncovered that though she wrote most of her songs, she was not speaking "very much" for fear that she would say the "stupidest line". However, she has learned that if she "sticks [her] neck out there", someone in the team, who is more seasoned in songwriting, could "pick up on the nuances" to work on "a rhythm together toward the same goal."

"Don't be afraid to be the person in the room that brings the worst idea, because the worst idea often gives you the best idea," she advised others.

Daigle shared that she currently writes songs, planning to release more tracks.

"I'm ready to get another record out. I'm so ready," she said.

Daigle used the song as part of her campaign to raise funds for various charities.