Maverick City Chandler Moore and Hannah Poole married in Texas on the very same date they met a year ago.

The couple revealed the extraordinary meaning of their wedding date to People.

"What we experienced at our wedding was the climax of this last year of our lives. We first met June 8th 2020, and we got married a year later to the date. These last 12 months have been full of joy, and that's exactly what our wedding was," they said.

"Laughs, tears, and the presence of the One who we love. Because of our friends & family, our special day was all we could imagine," the pair added.

The event took place at The 4 Eleven in Fort Worth. Their guests included Marvin Sapp, the couple Kirk and Tammy Franklin, Tony Brown, Jonathan Jay, and the couple Adrianne Bailon Houghton and Israel Houghton.

The groom's colleague, Naomi Raine of Maverick City Music, sang "A Thousand Years" for the bride's entrance song.

Moore proposed to Poole last March. He posted a lengthy and moving statement on Instagram to mark the engagement.

"I GOT MY YES," he began.

He continued by explaining his silence for the past week, enjoying his overwhelming happiness.

"It's been 8 days. I've enjoyed the stillness of this moment. When you experience such dense moments that change you forever, there's like a hidden thing in the heart to want to blast it to the world so everyone can witness the redemption & 'win' in a season. But the best times are the ones that can't be immediately described or shared. Such a sacred time," he declared.

Moore concluded his post through a poetic line, describing the preciousness of finding the one a person loves that even fame and material wealth cannot compare.

"Trophies and treasures, won't last forever. But I'd have done my best, if you give me your yes," he stated.

Regarded as a modern day King David, Moore is a songwriter, worship leader and instrumentalist. He currently works with Maverick City, a group of worshipers that tackles deconstruction of the rules on contemporary Christian music and the Gospel world.

In a statement with Jubilee Cast, the singer shared his opinion on writing Gospel songs. He said that songwriters and song leaders should not be afraid of writing and singing counter-cultural songs since the teachings in the Bible are in contradiction with the values of the world.

Moore also explained the lyrics of "Wait On You," a track by Maverick City and Elevation Worship, released on April 30. The song tells about waiting. He said that in God, the time spent on waiting is not wasted. Rather, it is a time of preparation, testing and renewal. He added that the Bible also promises strength to those who wait, as stated in Isaiah 40:31.

Moore recently teamed up with Justin Bieber and led worship together with him at Judah Smith's Churchome.

Maverick City and Elevation Worship also collaborated for an album which was released last year in April. The Maverick City Vol. 3 Part 1 won the Billboard Music Award for top gospel album.