An imam killed a bishop in Uganda over an Islamic teaching, holding that "infidels" of the religion should be killed.

Bishop Francis Obo, senior pastor of Mpingire Pentecostal Revival Church Ministries International, was attacked by a group of Muslim extremists when he and his wife, Christine, were on their way home from the market, Morning Star News reported.

Christine said that one of the men called her husband an "infidel" who has led Muslims to leave their religion and "blaspheme the words of Allah." She added that another man told her "to go away." When she did and was already "a few meters" away, she heard her husband screaming, indicating that "his life was in danger."

Upon reaching home, Christine was unable to speak out of shock and had to be brought to the hospital. When she regained consciousness the next morning, she told her son that Bishop Francis must have been killed by the radical Muslims. She then instructed him to go to the area where the pastor was attacked.

"Reaching there, they were shocked and fearful as they found a big number of Christians and relatives gathered around the dead body mourning their bishop after being murdered by Muslims," Christine told the news outlet.

The police officers were able to capture a couple of suspects, Uthman Olingha, an imam, and Jafari Kato.

The police said that Olingha confessed to the killing but also told the Obo family that the imam only killed the bishop due to his Islamic religious belief.

"Olingha openly confessed that he can't regret that he killed the bishop because he did it in the cause of Allah's word to kill all infidels who mislead Muslims. He added that Allah will be with him in jail, but the kafiri [infidels] deserved the killing," Christine stated.

The pastor's wife shared that Bishop Francis was active in sharing the Gospel to Muslims in their place, as well as in the surrounding areas. He led many to Christ and discipled the converts. He was overseeing 17 churches in the region.

"Some Muslims had earmarked him as someone who has been misleading their fellow Muslims and had been warned to stop converting Muslims to Christianity," she added.

She revealed that earlier this month, they hosted a former Islamic teacher in their church, who testified of his conversion to Christ. But the fellowship was discovered by some Muslims who were passing by the worship center and heard the testimony.

"They were surprised to hear him praising Jesus as Lord. They went away, and I believe they shared this with their leaders, which led to my husband's death," she further stated.

Christine also disclosed that the Muslims were upset with the church when it gave a pig to the former Islamic teacher, as part of the congregation's micro-enterprise livestock project to raise funds.

Though 84% of the country are Christians, including 34% evangelicals, believers are persecuted by local Islamists in Uganda, particularly in the borders of regions dominated by Muslims.