A documentary that aims to tackle the fatherhood of God is set to be released on September.

Stephen and Alex Kendrick produced a new film, "Show Me The Father," featuring personal stories about fatherhood that would highlight the character of God as the perfect Father.

Speaking to The Christian Post, Stephen disclosed that the film was a response to God's call to create such.

"God said, 'You need to make this documentary about fatherhood.' So we moved forward by faith, and we were able to connect with some of the coolest, most emotional stories about fatherhood. We took some of the most powerful truths about the fatherhood of God, put it all together and prayed over it," he said.

"We want people to learn how to relate to God as the perfect Father they've always wanted and longed for, but never had. The fatherhood of God was the design for God creating fatherhood on Earth. All the roles that dad is supposed to play on Earth come from God's roles in our lives," he added.

He revealed that the subject of fatherhood is "close" to their hearts, citing their own father's experience. Their grandfather was an alcoholic, failing to provide emotional support, protection, provision and encouragement to their father when he was growing up.

But the latter came to know the Lord and forgave their grandfather. The Kendrick brothers were raised by their father, relying on the Scriptures and wisdom of other Christian men.

Stephen shared that he saw his dad kneeling in prayer and "crying out to God".

"I saw his faithfulness to my mom because of what Jesus had done in his life. I saw him keeping his promises. He never lied to me. His legacy is what transformed our family," he continued.

 He went on to say that the current social issues such as drug addiction, atheism, teen suicide and incarceration rate are effects of fatherlessness - the reason why God said in the Bible to care for the fatherless and widows.

He said that being fatherless is like passengers on the bus but with a driver who "jump[ed] off the bus", as seen today wherein families are "in a ditch".

"God's design from the beginning has always been a mom and a dad, like two wings on a plane balancing each other out, working together in a home to raise their children. And God says that He's a Father; that He created fatherhood on Earth to represent Him," the filmmaker further pointed out.

Though centered on fatherhood, Stephen said that the movie is for everybody which will impact in a "different way" and hit "very deeply".

On Oct. 15, Stephen shared that they will also release a remastered version of "Courageous Legacy", focusing on the topic of fatherhood and discipleship. The film has hugely impacted fathers and families around the world since its initial release a decade ago that it prompted the Kendrick brothers to establish the Fatherhood CoMission, an organization that ministers to fathers and children.

With the two movies, he was hoping that people would be inspired to share the Gospel to the next generation.

He stressed that the Church and Christian ministries should care for the fatherless and widows, as the Bible says in James 1:27.

In conclusion, Stephen highlighted the relevance of spiritual fathers to children.

"A child should be able to walk into the doors of the church and look around and see a lot of spiritual fathers; men that will mentor, teach, train, invite them into their homes, love on them and model loving fatherhood in their lives. God will then step in and start working on their hearts in the process," the filmmaker stated.