Conservative talk show host and author Candace Owens is calling out Disney for targeting even younger children with pro-LGBT offerings and the LGBTQ agenda through its shows "Muppet Babies" and new movie "Jungle Cruise." Owens took to social media to decry how Disney is teaching LGBT values to young children through its programs.

According to Fox News, "Muppet Babies," a show for four to seven year old kids, showed in a recent episode how one of its male characters cross-dressed to attend a royal ball. Gonzo, the cross-dresser, was a male character who was told by two other characters that boys like him should wear knight costumes. However, a "fairy ratfather" granted Gonzo's wish to become a "princess" so he could attend the ball.

Later on, the character Piggy told Gonzo that they met "the most amazing princess" at the ball, not knowing it was Gonzo, and said that the princess ran away and only left a glass slipper. This prompted Gonzo to come clean and admit that the princess they met was actually him in disguise. He magically put on a dress to confirm that he was indeed "Gonzorella."

Piggy then apologized to Gonzo, saying, "We're sorry, it wasn't very nice of us to tell you what to wear to our ball." Another character added, "You're our friend and we love you any way you are."

This episode of "Muppet Babies" earned backlash online, especially from Owens, who took to Twitter to say that "They are pushing the trans agenda on children via [Muppet Babies]."

"This is sick and PERVERTED. Everyone should be disturbed by predatory cartoons meant to usher children into gender dysphoria," the 32 year old conservative wrote. "Bring back manly muppets, anyone?"


JD Rucker, co-founder of the Freedom First Network and the American Conservative Movement, agreed with Owens, tweeting, "With all that's happening in the world today, we cannot take our eye off the transgender agenda that's going after our kids. Just because too many parents aren't paying attention doesn't mean our kids aren't."

According to CBN News, the rights to the "Muppets" are owned by Disney, which acquired the characters in 2004 from Jim Henson, who created the original animated series and passed away in 1990.

"Muppets Babies" isn't the only show on Disney that is pushing the LGBT agenda. More and more disney shows and movies feature pro-LGBT offerings such as the new "Jungle Cruise" movie featuring Dwayne "The Rock'' Johnson and Emily Blunt.

"Jungle Cruise," which is a movie based on the famous Disney ride, is billed as family entertainment but "attacks traditional morality, which is based on biblical morality." Despite being set in 1916, the show features Blunt's character's brother as a homosexual and delivers a "rather lewd sodomy comment" that MovieGuide reports is "unexpectedly strong and rather disturbing."

The website argued that the film is "a missed opportunity to provide moviegoers with a truly family-friendly experience. That's what happens when you let silly leftwing politics creep into your art and entertainment, not to mention your commerce."