A Nigerian pastor who came to the United States in the 1990s continues to feed the homeless in Texas amid the pandemic because "if COVID doesn't kill them, hunger will."

CBN News said Redeemer's Praise Church Pastor Shetigho Nakpodia from San Antonio, Texas are "setting hearts on fire for Jesus Christ" by fighting the global pandemic brought by COVID-19 and the epidemic brought by hunger and homelessness.

"If COVID doesn't kill them, hunger will," Nakpodia said in an interview with CBN News.

"The Lord laid on my heart to just keep going every day and just go and feed. Yes fear is there but I know God will protect me," she disclosed.

Nakpodia pointed out that it is through faith that one succeeds in the face of tribulation.

"So every day love on the people, go to work, take care of your family. Don't quit trusting and believe in God, together with our faith we will overcome," Nakpodia revealed.

Accordingly, Nakpodia became a pastor in 1994 out of God's call for her to feed the needy and to pray for them. Nakpodia, who is married and has four children, began her ministry by feeding special needs children that eventually led her to purchase the "old, dilapidated church" where Redeemer's Praise Church is currently located. The church's building is said to be of historical significance linked to 1869 because it has survived the trauma of war and two fires, as well as, of rage and poverty.

Nakpodia, in her interview, also revealed plans to provide education to the homeless and to renovate their church so that an area could be given to the homeless to do their laundry and eat "a hot meal." Counseling services will also be provided in the new area, which is expected to be an extension of the church and will be called a "Love Community Center."

Although funding for the said renovation is still in progress, Redeemer's Praise announced that it expects construction of the new area to begin on Summer 2021 and completed on Summer 2022.


Redeemer’s Praise Church Love Community Center (from the project manual)
Redeemer’s Praise Church Love Community Center (from the project manual)



Nakpodia, who wants to put an end to hunger in San Antonio, stressed that all she does is for the glory of God. She disclosed in Redeemer's website that feeding people physically and spiritually is where her "heart" is, for it brings her closer to Jesus.

"My heart is here. When I come do this, I feel so close to Jesus. It's just a feeling you get," Nakpodia said.

Nakpodia is said to be known in San Antonio for "reaching out to the lost, broken, and needy" and is described by fellow Pastor Felicia Armstead as "strategically placed by God" in San Antonio to help all those who are "hurting."

"I thank God for Shetigho, he has strategically placed her here in San Antonio. She will come here and pray and lay before God. You can see a hope rise up in people," Armstead said.

Redeemer's Praise Church describes itself as a "light on a hill" out of helping the "impoverished and tattered area" of San Antonio's downtown east side. It positions itself as a "place for all to seek refuge, nourishment, and guidance." The church provides worship services thrice a week.