A conflict among pastors at a Tennessee megachurch has caused the interruption of its services last Sunday.

Pastor Rob Rogers, successor of Grace Chapel founder Rev. Steve Berger, was accused of conspiring against the latter, the Religion News Service reported.

On Sunday, Rogers apologized for the dispute between him and Pastor Steve, which began during the transition, following the founder's decision to step down in January to start a discipleship program in Washington.

The reverend resigned after his attendance of the Pro-Trump rally on Jan. 6 and blaming of the Antifa for the Capitol attack have caused controversy.

Due to the conflict, Rogers and Executive Pastor Mark Bright, offered to resign.

"Offenses have been taken, wounding has happened on both sides and there's been a level of skepticism toward one another in this process that is neither right nor good," Rogers stated.

Some congregants reportedly interrupted the pastor and a member has called to pray for repentance. But after the prayer, the founder's wife, Sarah Berger, grabbed the microphone and berated Rogers, saying that the minister did not repent for "sinning" against her husband. She also said that Rogers and Bright have labeled the founder as a "Christian extremist."

"It has been made manifestly evident that there's been an endeavor to cancel the founding pastor of Grace Chapel," she added.

Sarah then revealed that she and Pastor Steve are leaving the church.

Due to her action, the ongoing morning service was cut, while the following service was canceled.

Later that day, the church elders released a statement on Twitter, conveying their disappointment of the incident and sharing their decision to reinstate Rogers.

"We are deeply disappointed in the way various individuals conducted themselves towards Pastor Rob, his family, our current leadership, and the elder board. As Elders, we deeply regret allowing this disruption to continue," they said.

The elders also explained that Pastor Steve did not speak to Rogers, as they suggested, to settle his concerns over Bright's written comments.

"...the Elder Board of Grace Chapel stands committed and firm to the statement read and shared with our congregation today - that Rob Rogers is fully reinstated as our Lead Pastor. We stand firmly behind our Lead Pastor as he guides our church through these difficult times," the statement continued.

"This is our Lord and Savior's church, not the church of any man or group. We must continue to focus on Christ and devote ourselves to Him," they further wrote.

On Monday, Pastor Steve confirmed his departure from the church, alongside his wife, by posting his announcement on Facebook.

In the statement, he said that he stands by the words of his wife, which he said only a "fraction of the truths" about the current leadership team's treatment of his family.

He also stated that they will continue to pray for the church members, while he and Sarah will focus on a new journey in ministry.

The pastor concluded by requesting for prayers and support as they follow their "next calling."