A magnitude 7 earthquake hit Mexico, the world's second largest Roman Catholic country, on Tuesday night reportedly some hours after abortion was decriminalized by its high court.

The United States Geological Survey reported that the earthquake struck at 9:48PM (EDT) 12.5 miles beneath the city of Acapulco, which is the epicenter were "perceived shaking was very strong." Mexico City reportedly experienced "moderate shaking."

An apocalypse scare spread in the country as "strange blue lights" lighted up the sky after the powerful earthquake, which is said to have caused one casualty and damaged buildings. Mexican netizens were quick to post videos on the blue lights using the hashtag #Apocalipto, which is the native tongue for "apocalypse."

NPR explained that the blue lights that streaked Mexico's sky after the earthquake are scientifically called earthquake lights. The blue lights are said to be a natural phenomenon resulting from energy created from the friction of rocks found at the Earth's crust, particularly near the surface of the planet.

Physicist Troy Shinbrot of Rutgers University countered falsified claims of an apocalypse due to the blue lights seen after the earthquake since the phenomenon has been recorded in the past and is said to occur regularly.

"If it did, the apocalypse would have happened a thousand years ago when this was first discovered," Shinbrot told the NPR in an interview.

What is considerably apocalyptic is Mexico's high court deciding that "penalizing abortion as unconstitutional."

In a video shared by Catholic Connect, people were seen running in the streets frightened by the earthquake. It highlighted that the calamity took place after Mexico's Supreme Court voted to decriminalize abortion, which was openly opposed by a few priests when it was passed by their senate.

"7+ magnitude earthquake strikes Mexico right after the Mexico's Supreme Court votes to decriminalize abortion. Few priests in Mexico spoke out or even posted about this horrible pro-death bill that the Mexican senate passed. The Church needs to be involved in influencing politics in order for horrible things like this not to happen!!" Catholic Connect said.

"A sad day in the history of Mexico. Pray for the unborn babies that will face the death sentence because of the weak priests, bishops, and laity that didn't stand up against the most fundamental human right, life," the outlet remarked.

Catholic Connect pointed out that it was Mexico's conservative political party, National Action Party, who actually opposed the bill and its decriminalization prior to the Supreme Court's decision on it. The National Action Party released a statement on its stance against abortion.

"We are in favor of defending life from the moment of conception until natural death," the NAP declared.

Reuters reported that it was "a major victory for advocates of women's health and human rights, just as parts of the United States enact tougher laws against the practice." The Mexican Supreme Court voted unanimously on a 2018 case that challenged the state of Coahuila's criminal law on abortion.

Accordingly, the Supreme Court decision was the result of pressure from feminist groups who took to the streets for a change to be made against access to abortion.