Activist and evangelist Alveda King has established the new group Speak for Life, an organization seeking to bring pro-life curriculums to Sunday schools and after-school clubs and educate the younger generations on the importance of life.

As part of the new pro-life group's mission, King will go on a national tour to speak at college campuses, schools and in other venues.

"Human life is sacred from the womb to the tomb," King, who is the niece of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. and daughter of civil rights activist A. D. King, told the Christian Post during a video interview.

The 70-year-old, who for over 35 years has advocated agaisnt abortion, made it her life's mission to underscore the importance of all human life, regardless of color, creed or age. The former evangelist also recently retired from her ministry at Priests for Life.

"Speak For Life - the organization is new, but my ministry and mission has been ongoing for all of my life," King explained. "I was rescued from abortion myself in 1950 when my mom was pregnant with me, and my grandfather convinced her to have me."

King argued, "The little babies in the womb are people...[and] human dignity must exist, from the womb to the tomb and everything between." The activist and evangelist explained that she learned how "God made all people" from "one blood," adding that "I've learned this in the human experience of accepting Jesus and beginning to live in a way where every life matters."

For King, Speak For Life "bridges the gap with the generations," treating children as "the present" instead of "the future." She argued, "Our young people, our children need to articulate to be able to talk about and defend the dignity of all human life, human dignity."

King explained that Speak for Life is developing a curriculum for children "to speak life" in Sunday schools, extracurricular clubs, and public and private schools. At the heart of it is challenging children to the question, "When does life begin?" while showing them 3D and 4D ultrasounds.

Speak for Life will also make it its mission to "build a foundational worldview of the sanctity of life and human dignity" by helping students "understand what it means to be made in the image of God, and understand how important it is to speak for life," EIN Presswire reported.

Dr. Ben Carson, 17th Secretary of HUD and Chairman & Founder of the American Cornerstone Institute called King "the epitome of compassion, thoughtfulness, integrity and grit," commending her leadership "in a time such as this when so many precious souls parish due to abortion."

Priests for Life National Director Father Frank Pavone also had nothing but praises for King, to which he is grateful for over 16 years of work "on behalf of the unborn."

In 2019, the Guttmacher Institue revealed that the U.S. saw a steady decline in abortions from 2011 to 2017. However, abortion restrictions were not the main drivers of the decline, but a decline in births and pregnancies overall. The decline in abortions was recorded at 19% from 2011 to 2017, while the abortion rate fell by up to 20% during the same period.