A brand-new Christian social media network is expected to debut in 2022, giving Christians all over the world a place to share faith-based content.

The site, dubbed FaithMeet, was developed and launched by Godwin Rose Samuel, the Christian Headlines reported.

The Christian Post (CP) recently interviewed Samuel, who said that social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram do not offer enough Christian material, and that he thus wanted to set up his own platform that was primarily tailored for Christians.

"Christians have to spend long amounts of time sifting through other non-Christian and secular content to find the Christian content on these other apps," he said to the news source.

However, he argued that these available materials are "not even God-centered" since they detract people from the gospels' emphasis on Jesus.

Hence, Samuel came up with FaithMeet. He said that this new social media site will help Christians "focus on God more" on top of it being a quality source of faith-based content for Christians. The new platform, he says, will also allow Christians to share their faith with those who aren't yet believers in Jesus Christ.

"I wanted to live out the faith by creating this social networking platform," Samuel explained. "I wanted to inspire those who don't know the Lord while even helping those who are already Christians to keep their eyes on the Lord and not on lusting and coveting over secular content."

"Other non-Christian content always pops up on these other apps. And currently, we are combining Facebook, YouTube and Instagram because we have posts, videos and pictures," he continued. "So now, people don't have to go to these other platforms. It's all in one place."

All types of Christian material, such as images, music, and video clips, will be available on FaithMeet for Christians. Additionally, people will be able to make contributions, offerings, and tithes to a variety of churches and missions of their choosing.

There will be a chat function on the new site as well, so Christians may encourage one another and discuss God's Word.

FaithMeet will also have a list of community rules and norms to guarantee that all material is "appropriate" and "God-centered," according to Samuel. A crew will also keep an eye on the site's content and delete anything it deems offensive or "non-Christian."

CP noted that as the platform evolved, the name of FaithMeet changed from "Rovinsa" to "FaithMeet." The creators envisioned it as a place where "religion, the Gospel, and technology" would all come together. FaithMeet will use "digital interactions" as a key component of its strategy to accomplish this objective, delivering quick answers to prayer requests as well as "real-time information on events, activities, and announcements" from churches worldwide.

On FaithMeet, people of various faiths may talk about Christianity, as well as access Christian-based articles, photos, videos, music, sermons, and other worship resources.

The software is scheduled for release in 2022.

CP also pointed out that FaithMeet isn't the first social networking site to target Christians. Social Cross, Instant Christ, and USA Life are just a few of the social media channels that have given Christians and conservatives an alternative platform.