A well-known California doctor said that the governor's decision to force students to get vaccinatd for COVID was motivated by personal views rooted in politics.

In a Red Voice Media report published on Monday, Dr. Houman Hemmati, an Opthalmology Specialist in Beverly Hills, warned the public about Governor Gavin Newsom's vaccination requirement for school-aged children, claiming that it was "not based on clinical evidence" but rather motivated by politics.

"The decision that the governor made is one that's really based on his personal beliefs that's based in politics," Dr. Hemmati was quoted as saying on Fox News.

"As a physician, the one thing that I'm taught, the one thing that we should all practice is evidence-based medicine, and the evidence-based decisions need to not just extend to the doctor-patient relationship, but also to policies that are made by politicians and public health boards," he explained.

Newsom stated last week that students over the age of 12 must be immunized against COVID-19 before attending school. He has also made clear that he would not permit any other kind of testing in lieu of the current requirement.

The new regulation will take effect only when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officially approves the shot for specific age groups.

According to Dr. Hemmati, about 35 children in California have died as a result of this outbreak. But while he believes that authorities must stop this figure from rising, he also believes that there are other causes of mortality among adolescents that must be addressed.

"We don't want to see even a single child die, but when you look at the numbers of deaths of children that have occurred as a result of other causes, you have many causes such as motor vehicle accidents, accidental injuries from bicycle accidents, drownings, poisonings, suicides, drug overdoses, homicides by gunshots- all exceeding this by an order of magnitude or greater," he explained.

"When you think about that, if schools really were a place where paternalistic medicine were to be practiced, where you would have a center of safety and health for children rather than just the Center for Education, wouldn't we be focusing on the true killers of kids that we just mentioned?" Dr. Hemmati pointed out.

California is poised to become the first state to require vaccination of prospective students before they are allowed to enroll in a physical educational setting.

Students above the age of 12 would be required to get the coronavirus vaccination under the present proposal in order to attend class. The COVID-19 vaccine would now be included in the list of children's vaccines needed to attend school as a result of this change.

According to an earlier Fox News report, Newsom's appointment comes just weeks after he narrowly avoided being forced to face a recall election for his management of the COVID-19 crisis.

In August, the state of California stated that in order to teach in person, all school employees must provide evidence of complete immunization or be tested weekly for COVID-19.

The state mandates that schools be fully compliant by October 15.

Meanwhile, teachers in the Big Apple have petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn the city of New York's vaccination requirement, which was just enacted.