Skillet's John Cooper brought up an important point about one of the most essential qualities of Christ-like love, which delights in truth and will not compromise for the sake of neighborly love or submission to authority.

Cooper made it clear in a recent episode of the Cooper Stuff Podcast that the media has been lying and that its only purpose is to sow terror among the populace so they will surrender to the governing elite.

He asserted that the media knows exactly what it is doing when it lies. He referred to a New York Times article from October 6 that had to publish a correction when it was found that the number of child hospitalizations had been exaggerated by 837,000. The over-exaggeration was presented in a report on the controversy around vaccinations for children.

"I believe that if we go hey, 'these things happen.' If we continue to say that, then you are the parent that is going...'There's nothing to see here...They're nice people. Be nice. Show the love.' That's what you're doing," said Cooper. "They are lying to you. Why? Because they believe they have the deeper truth. They have poetic truth."

Cooper explained why the correction was a big deal, noting that Big Media organizations such as the New York Times are not like most news websites or internet blogs. Numerous individuals, including fact checkers and editors, are engaged in the publication of a single piece.

He also called attention to the media's practice of labeling all critics of COVID-19 vaccines as "anti-vaxxers," despite the fact that the vast majority of them are just opposed to the experimental COVID-19 shots. The reason for this is due to mounting evidence showing that more individuals have been harmed or died as a result of receiving COVID shots, as well as testimonies from former pharma employees about the dubious ingredients of their vaccines.

Cooper also said that the majority of mainstream media ignore scientific studies that show vaccines cause myocarditis in children, particularly boys, when discussing the safety of vaccines for children.

"As a Christian, loving the truth is more than just loving Jesus...It begins with loving Christ. That is absolutely the case. But it's more than that," said Cooper.

"Sometimes, when we say we love the truth in our minds as Christians, we're limiting the truth in our brains maybe without knowing it, too, meaning, like when I die. So, when I die, the eternal truth of Christ that my life is found in him, I've repented for my sins, and He's given me a brand-new heart. That's the truth that I had to love, but it's more than that. "

"We are supposed to love the truth," he continued. "The world around you is what you see with your eyes. It is the very reality that is defined by God, not defined by us, certainly not defined by the media. "

Cooper said that refusing to accept media propaganda as truth is also a Gospel issue, quoting Proverbs 14:18, which states that the wisdom of the wise is to consider their ways, but the fall of fools is deceit.

The secular reinterpretation of truth, according to him, will lead Christians to tolerate and even love things that God despises.