"The Chosen" co-producer Katherine Warnock shared her remarkable story of how God led her down an unexpected path that ultimately led her to her present state in Kingdom building.

This week, Liz Wright interviewed Warnock about how she learned to rely on the Lord during her life's journey. Their conversation can be heard via the Charisma Podcast Network.

Warnock formerly worked at MGM Studios as the head of religion and family programming. In addition to Warner Brothers, Chillax, and Ford, she has worked as a producer for a slew of other well-known worldwide businesses. As of now, she serves as a co-executive producer on the worldwide acclaimed series "The Chosen."

Warnock talked about how she started out as a missionary and schoolteacher, but ended up working in Hollywood on one of the most popular TV shows about Jesus' life today after a series of unexpected twists. Since the Lord had placed her in a variety of occupations with varying degrees of responsibility, she often wondered what was going on. Her faith journey was apparently built in God's own timing and design.

She said she learned how to convey God's presence into even the most inhospitable settings. Through her work in the fashion and entertainment sectors, she has learned how to share God's kingdom without using words.

"We're working crazy hours, about models and all day long. I've got photographers and graphic designers and it's cutthroat. And I don't have time to talk to anyone about doing this. I don't have time to mentor really intentionally like I normally do as a leader in business. So it got to the point where I was like, 'Jesus, I'm going to wither and die if I don't find a way to stabilize in the spirit."

The Lord responded by reminding her that she is not a helpless freeloader in the secular world.

"Catherine you have the authority of this 1/3 of his whole American operation, this fashion company. You are in charge. You have the authority no matter the toxic nature and culture outside of this studio," she recalled Him telling her in the Spirit.

Initially, she said that she attempted to persuade her colleagues of her beliefs, but instead made them cautious of her. As a result, she chose to do it without using words--by demonstrating through her actions that she is transforming her workplace into a place of worship, surrender, and giving.

"I didn't even know anything what was happening until I started seeing relationships come together," she said. "I started seeing models who suddenly go, 'I stopped drinking and I don't know why. I've stopped sleeping around, and I don't know why. Hey guys, I think I'm gonna go check out church for the first time.'"

Warnock claimed that this process was repeated until every one of her staff and models' lives was profoundly changed. She said that they are all now devout Christians involved in homeless outreach and are still passionately in love with Jesus.

On Christians who work in the secular sector, Warnock counseled that regardless of how many of today's industries have long been anti-Christian and anti-religion, believers should simply allow the release of the presence of the "Prince of Peace, who then just is transforming lives."

As an addendum to Warnock's remarkable story, Mary King of Charisma News wrote the following: "It is vital that we let go of our human understanding and let the Holy Spirit guide us in every area of our lives. We need to be open to Him asking us to do things differently or in ways that have never been done before. When we follow His voice, it has a ripple effect that displays His splendor to those around us."