Just two months after being declared a Sanctuary for the Unborn, Mason City's ordinance that prohibited abortion was repealed on Monday with a 6-1 vote by the new council.

Local12 News said the repeal came after most of the Mason City Council members who supported the ordinance in October were voted out of office a month later. The declaration of Mason City as a "sanctuary city" for the unborn was passed with a vote of 4-3 by the old council. Critics of the ordinance found it had no real effect in the city since there were no abortion clinics in it.

The ordinance penalizes anyone who conducts or assists in an abortion with $2,500 per instance and maximum of 12 months imprisonment. The declaration made Mason the second city under Warren County to be declared a sanctuary of the unborn following Lebanon last June. Lebanon was the first "Sanctuary City of the Unborn" for the state of Ohio and is considered among the 40 other cities and town with such a declaration.

During the election to repeal the "sanctuary" ordinance, Mason City Council Member Ashley Chance pointed out it was necessary to repeal it, saying it was allegedly used as part of a political machinery.

"This was not adopted to save the unborn lives. This was a political weapon during an election," Chance said.

Chance was joined by council members Tony Bradburn, Mark Haake, and Josh Styrcula, as well as Mayor Barbara Spaeth and Vice Mayor Diana Nelson in voting for the repeal. While Councilwoman Kathy Grossman, the city's former Mayor, voted against it being one of the supporters of the ordinance in October. Besides the city council members, there were also seven city residents who expressed favor in repealing the ordinance and two objected to the repeal.

Haake seconded Chance's statement on the ordinance being done out of politics in an interview with WCPO. He pointed out that the ordinance was not helpful for the city and repealing it was but a practical move.

"The Democrats, obviously, it's a big issue for them...so I know it fired up the Democrat side, but I spoke to a lot of Republicans that felt the same way. This ordinance was not going to change anything for the city. It wasn't going to stop abortions--(Grossman) even admitted that in a meeting. It became a political issue...timing seems pretty clear that it was meant to inflame one side that they felt was going to be stronger and get them more votes," Haake said.

While Spaeth reasoned that the ordinance was never enforced since there are no abortion clinics in the city and abortion itself was never an issue locally.

"That is not an issue that Mason City Council should have ever been dealing with. The ordinance was not even enforceable, so why should we even be considering that?" Spaeth said.

LifeNews, on the other hand, reported that contrary to claims that the ordinance was ineffective and meaningless, making its repeal a top priority of the council after its new members took office speaks otherwise. Pro-life advocates in Mason City, particularly Created Equal President Mark Harrington, pointed out that the repeal was part of the move of President Joe Biden's Administration to make every city welcoming to abortion even if there are no abortion facilities. Harrington is a supporter of the ordinance.

"Joe Biden has stated he wants abortion in every zip code in America. Hence, citizens across America are acting by preventing abortion from being committed in their communities," Harrington told LifeNews.

Sanctuary Cities For The Unborn Founder Mark Lee Dickenson called the repeal an act that "chooses death and rejects life" in a Facebook post on Tuesday. Dickenson said it was "a sad day for the unborn in Mason, Ohio" and confirmed Harrington's statements. He explained that zip code 45040, which is Mason City's, is one of those targeted by Biden.

"A city chooses death and rejects life. On Monday night, the newly elected Mayor and City Council of the City of Mason, Ohio (pop. 34,450) became the second city in the nation, and the first city in Ohio, to REPEAL their enforceable ordinance outlawing abortion within their city limits," Dickenson said

"Signs held by those in favor of abortion access held up signs which read 'I live in 45040. Repeal!' and 'I live in 45040. Thank you!' Earlier this year the Biden Administration committed to abortion access in every zip code, including 45040," he explained.