While the past year presented various challenges for many, a prophetic minister revealed that 2022 will be "different."

"2022 is going to look different. The Lord gave me four key words for 2022..." Ana Werner, associate director of Heartland Healing Rooms and founder of Acacia Ministries International, wrote on Charisma Magazine.

She then shared four revelations that God showed her.

First, 2022 will be a time of building and "creative explosion."

"As I sought the Lord for what 2022 will look like, I was taken into a vision with Him. I watched Jesus handing out hard hats or construction hats to people. He turned to me and said the phrase, 'creative explosion,'" Werner disclosed.

In the vision, she saw that new ministries, churches and healing rooms will begin this year.

However, she advised that people must be willing to "shift and change" to be able to adapt to this season of building, such as the need to change responsibilities.

Further, she said that 2022 will be a year when people will face the "fear of the unknown." But just like what the LORD told the Israelites when they were about to enter the promised land in Joshua 1, Werner declared strength and courage to the believers.

With this revelation, she encouraged people to do three things:

  1. Ask the LORD about what He wants for them to build

  2. Evaluate the things that need to be changed

  3. Pray for strategy plans on the process of building

Next, returning to their first assignment - loving God above all else.

In another vision, the minister saw people wearing sashes with the word "assignments." She also saw Jesus but noticed that He looked sad. When asked about the reason of His sadness, Jesus replied that it was because people "have left their first assignment."

Werner said that Christians must put God first and must never "place more value on the assignments" He gave them "than on the lifestyle of intimacy, adoration and repentance." She also warned that "assignments" can turn into idols if people are not careful.

"As we charge forward with our assignments from the Lord in 2022, let's make a promise to stay intimate and never leave the sanctuary lifestyle," she stressed.

Moreover, she heard God mentioning about Psalm 63, a passage that tells about David's passionate pursuit of God.

She expressed her admiration for David's love for the LORD, wherein despite being a king, he sought God with all his heart.

Third, she warned about the chaos in September and requested the intercessors to pray.

"The Lord highlighted to me the month of September in a calendar, and afterward, I saw static," Werner said.

The minister believes that the static she saw in the vision is the devil's attempt to bring confusion and chaos. To address this issue, she suggested three things:

  1. To pray for the intervention of God

  2. To declare peace

  3. To bind the evil spirit by the power of the blood of Jesus

For the final revelation, the minister said that 2022 will be a year of miracles and a "season to run forward".

"First I saw a large forest off to the right made up of tall eucalyptus trees. Jesus was there in His white robes and began to run forward. He looked back, smiled at me and looked as though he were anticipating something," she shared.

Afterward, Jesus told her that "It's a season to run forward."

Though darkness will rise as the Second Coming comes closer, she reminded the believers that Jesus is their hope, He knows what will happen and reigns above it all.

She went on to say that the eucalyptus trees in the vision signify healing. Thus, the minister prophesied that 2022 will bring "healing miracles."

"2022 will be a year to move forward and not look back at years of disappointment. The greatest warfare you may experience is over what will keep your focus in this new year. It's imperative to keep our eyes on Jesus, to move forward into what He has for us and not dwell in the past," Werner further stated.