A family of Christians from Afghanistan recount their experience of fulfilling their dream to live in the United States after escaping the Taliban.

International Christian Concern (ICC) reported that Sukru, his wife, son, and in-laws waited for four months in a military base when they arrived in the United States before they were transferred in a community. But this "was nothing compared to the dangerous Afghanistan they just fled" where Christians "could have ended at so many junctures."

Sukru told ICC there were many moments he and his family thought they could never leave Taliban but "God, however, had other plans." He expressed excitement for being "free" not only physically but also spiritually since they are now free to practice their faith unlike in Afghanistan. Sukru called freedom "priceless" and cited how differently things will be now for him and his family.

"Freedom is priceless. In America, you have freedom of faith, freedom of speech, freedom of lifestyle. No one is putting a gun to your head saying, 'Don't do that.' My wife and sister-in-law don't have to cover their heads when they're out in public. That freedom is the first and main thing I noticed about this culture," Sukru said.

According to ICC, Sukru used to be a devout Muslim until he met Christians from South Korea and the United States "after questioning his upbringing." Sukru narrated how Afghanistan "slowly eroded" and "became more dangerous" even before the Taliban came.

This heightened after the Taliban took over the Afghanistan government in August when between 8,000 to 12,000 Christians became their target for being "apostates" and then sentenced to death once caught. Many Christians in Afghanistan then decided to flee leaving behind comforts, mementos, and friendships.

Christianity Daily reported previously that Christians in Afghanistan were being killed by the Taliban based on various accounts such as that of Hudson Institute Center for Religious Freedom Director Nina Shea who cited a Christian man and his relatives hiding in the airport and wanting to flee the country out of fear of being killed.

Problems of locating Christians in Afghanistan were reported in August since they had to turn off their phones to keep them from being traced by the Taliban who are said to be hunting them. There were prior reports of the Taliban killing Christians that they detect based on Bible apps installed in mobile phones. These accounts were the reason why Blaze Media Chief Executive Officer Glenn Beck raised funds to get thousands of Christians evacuated from Afghanistan.

During his interview, Sukru disclosed how he felt it was "impossible" to get to the United States until he was encouraged by an American missionary who said, "If God wants to take you out of this country, He will make a way." This indeed became true but the path wasn't an easy one. Challenges included being unsuccessfully getting to the airport many times, spending hours in dirty canals, being beaten and becoming victims of thieves.

Amidst it all, Sukru and his family were able to board a plane bound for the United States through Kuwait and Spain thanks to the aid of an American soldier.

"One night I was saying to God, I lost my home, everything in Afghanistan. And I was feeling that God was saying a new chapter of life will start for you, so don't worry. I don't know what's going to happen when I get out of this camp. But I have hope in God," Sukru revealed.

"Please continue to pray for us and our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan," he added.