Project Veritas on Monday came out with an explosive report on new documents that shed light on the real source of the COVID pandemic. The documents point to a report at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or DARPA, a research and development agency operating under the U.S. Department of Defense that specializes in developing emerging technologies for military use.

According to Project Veritas, they obtained a separate report written by U.S. Marine Corp Major Joseph Murphy, who is a former DARPA Fellow, addressed to the Inspector General of the Department of Defense. This report reveals that EcoHealth Alliance, a non-profit that has been entangled with COVID research in China, had reached out to DARPA in March 2018, asking for funding to conduct gain of function research on coronaviruses from bats.

The EcoHealth Alliance project was named "Project Defuse" and was rejected by DARPA over safety concerns and because it violates laws against gain of function research. However, the documents said that the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), of which Dr. Anthony Faucy is the director, approved the research in Wuhan, China, as well as other research facilities in the U.S.

Dr. Fauci has repeatedly declared under oath that the NIAID and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) are not not involved in gain of function research with EcoHealth Alliance, statements that have been debunked by leaked documents over the last two years. Moreover, these new documents show why EcoHealth Alliance's proposal was rejected, because DARPA believed the research was gain of function.

"The proposal does not mention or assess potential risks of Gain of Function (GoF) research," the report said. Major Murphy's report also highlighted the concerns raised over COVID gain of function research, "the concealment of documents, the suppression of potential curatives, like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, and the mRNA vaccines."

In addition, Not the Bee reported that on Tuesday, the Republican Oversight Committee released a document indicating that Dr. Fauci may have withheld information about gain of function research at the Wuhan lab in China. Meanwhile, medical experts are reacting to the newly surfaced DARPA report that rejected EcoHealth Alliance's coronavirus gain of function research proposal.

Dr. Robert Malone, whose previous work contributed to the development of mRNA technology present in today's COVID vaccines, called the Project Veritas report "bigger than the Pentagon Papers," The Gateway Pundit reported. Dr. Naomi Wolf, a former Clinton adviser and democracy activist, told Steve Bannon on "The War Room," "The fact that Dr. Fauci grossly perjured himself is hugely apparent. It is the least of the crimes if indeed these are verified documents."

"I can't overstate this, this is a premeditated kind of manslaughter of millions of people coordinated at the highest levels according to these documents," Dr. Wolf argued. "Treatments that would have saved lives were intentionally or reportedly intentionally suppressed."