Scientists Who Support The Wuhan Lab Leak Theory Might Lose Their Careers Due To ‘Fauci And His Gang’, Professor Says

Professor Madhave Das Nalapat
Professor Madhave Das Nalapat |

Scientists who support the Wuhan lab leak theory were reported to be in the danger of losing their careers due to "Fauci and his gang" silencing them.

LifeSite reported that Manipal University UNESCO Peace Chair Professor Madhave Das Nalapat disclosed in an interview with India's NewsX that "Doctor Fauci and his gang" are preventing critics and supporters of the "bunkum" origins theory of COVID-19 from speaking out.

Nalapat did not name who the scientists were but narrated in the interview that they are based in the United States and Japan.

"What is the most disgusting in this whole thing, is the cover-up. Any scientist who spoke up was strictly warned that 'Look here, you are going to have your career destroyed'," Nalapat said.

"Friends in the United States and Japan extensively briefed me that this theory [of the natural origin of COVID-19] is complete bunkum," he disclosed. "Then I asked them, 'What's wrong with you guys? Why are you silent?' But they said, 'If we speak out, Dr Fauci and his gang will destroy us, will destroy our reputations, will destroy our careers. We do not dare to speak out'."

Nalapat explained that National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Dr. Anthony Fauci is so influential that his statements against the Wuhan Institute of Virology leakage of COVID-19 and denial of his knowledge on the "gain-of-function" research done on it has forced those who disagree with it into silence. This is despite Fauci's published emails showing otherwise.

Fauci claimed during the event of Wall Street Journal Tech Health that he was not downplaying the Wuhan laboratory leakage as the source of COVID-19. What Fauci said, however, was that the idea of the Chinese "deliberately" engineering the virus to murder people seems is "farfetched."

"I still do think it is, at the same time as I'm keeping an open mind that it might be a lab leak," Fauci said. "The idea I think is quite farfetched that the Chinese deliberately engineered something so that they could kill themselves as well as other people. I think that's a bit far out."

LifeSite said Nalapat's claims are echoed by Washington Post Columnist Josh Rogin who revealed a similar information in his guesting at the Megyn Kelly podcast. Rogin revealed that scientists have informed him they are prohibited from contradicting Fauci's statements.

"I often talk to scientists who say the same thing, who say, 'Listen, we really want to speak out about this, but we can't do it. Why can't we do it? Well, we get all of our funding from NIH, or NIAID," Rogin narrated, "which is run by Dr. Fauci for years and years and years.' So we can't say anything like, 'Oh, gain-of-function research might be dangerous, or it might have come from a lab, because we're going to lose our careers, we're going to lose our funding, we're not going to be able to do the work'."

Besides Rogin, LifeSite news pointed to former Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Robert Redfield who said during his interview with Vanity Fair that he actually received death threats upon speaking of the Wuhan lab leak theory.

"I was threatened and ostracized because I proposed another hypothesis. I expected it from politicians. I didn't expect it from science," Redfield exposed.