In New Hampshire, a leading political conservative figure and founder of an activist group that opposes COVID vaccine mandates is fighting to keep his children from being taken away by the child protection services agency after he gave his 13 year old son ivermectin.

JR Hoell, who founded the activist group ReOpen NH and has led public education reform efforts, said that he was visited by the New Hampshire Division of Children Youth and Family (DCYF) to take custody of his son.

"I want to go on the record as calling the DCYF a terrorist organization," Hoell accused the agency, as per the Epoch Times. "They have no grounds to seek removal of my son from his home."

Because of state and federal confidentiality laws, DCYF Public Information Officer Kathleen Remillard said that the agency is unable to comment on the case. Hoell, however, presented a medical report that showed that his son was in overall good health less than 24 hours after the agency attempted to take custody of the minor. The medical report was signed by a physician in Amherst, New Hampshire.

Hoell's six-foot-tall son, who has a black belt in Taekwondo and had already returned to his martial arts classes, was visiting a friend when the DCYF visited the Hoell household along with two police officers on December 9. The authorities were looking for Hoell's 13 year old son and 17 year old daughter.

Hoell recounted,"They told me there was an ambulance parked at the end of the road to transport my son and daughter to the hospital. 'You either take them or we'll take them.'"

Hoell presented a copy of the emergency order, which claimed that his son "was at risk of coma or death due to the amount of ivermectin administered to him." But on that day on December 9, it had already been almost two weeks since Hoell's son had taken any ivermectin. The conservative activist said that his entire family had actually used pharmacy-grade ivermectin that he obtained online from an international company to treat COVID when they caught it in November.

By the time the DCYF visited the Hoell family and sought to take custody of the children, they had already gone back to their daily routines. But it was a nurse practitioner from a routine follow-up exam on the morning of December 9 that alerted the DCYF on Hoell and his family.

On December 4, Hoell rushed his son to the emergency room at the Catholic Medical Center over adverse reactions to Tylenol. Blood tests showed that his toxicology levels were normal, with no traces of any overdose of ivermectin. Hoell alleged that the nurse practitioner did not do any follow-up blood work or other lab tests on December 9 before calling the DCYF.

He added that talks of ivermectin were discussed in a casual manner and the nurse practitioner did now show any concern over it.

"Ivermectin was not an issue at 9 o'clock in the morning and then all of a sudden it turned into a risk of coma several hours later," Hoell argued. "Those two positions are not compatible with one another."

Hoell told Lifesite News in December that "the case is still open" and that the "state has not stopped pursuing the attempt to take my children."