Netflix's "Power of the Dog" director Jane Campion has partnered with abortion organizations in Texas in an effort to raise funds against the Texas Heartbeat Act, which bans pregnancies six weeks and beyond once a fetal hearbeat has been detected.

Live Action News said Campion, whose Netflix thriller is "making waves in the entertainment industry" and for which she is expected to receive an Oscar nomination, selected three abortion groups for her fundraiser after partnering with Indiewire's David Ehrlich.

Breitbart revealed that the three abortion groups are Avow Texas, which is an organization focused on educating the importance of abortion access; The Lilith Fund, which is an organization that provides financial and emotional support to those seeking abortion; and West Fund, which funds abortion clinics especially in El Paso; are recipients of the fundraiser. Ehrlich urged support for the fundraiser through his social media account.

"If you like these videos & want me to make another one for 2022, please consider donating to this fundraiser I've created in collaboration with Jane Campion--she's selected 3 urgent non-profits that provide abortion access to women in Texas. $20,000 goal!" Ehrlich tweeted on Jan. 10.

Ehrlich's tweet included the link to Campion's GoFundMe, which has already exceeded its goal having collected $22,535 out of 578 donations as of this article's writing. The top donation came from a Sam Hopkins for $1,000.

In the fundraiser, Campion's choice for the three abortion non-profits comes from a supposed "urgent need' against Texas' law. He gave a description for each abortion organization:

"This year I've partnered with THE POWER OF THE DOG director Jane Campion, who's selected three extraordinary non-profits which-like so many women in Texas clinging to what's left of their reproductive rights-are in urgent need of support," Ehrlich disclosed.

"If we raise $20,000, I'll make another one of these videos for 2022 (likely published in early 2023). What an incentive! If we fall short of that goal, every penny donated will still be evenly divided between those three non-profits (minus whatever percentage GoFundMe takes from each donation)," he added.

Besides Campion, a group of celebrities that included Dave Bautista, Amy Brenneman, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Alyssa Milano, Michael Moore, and Amy Schumer have called Texas Republican lawmakers the "Texas Taliban" for enacting the Texas Heartbeat Act like a "sharia" law. The said celebrities reasoned that "abortion is health care."

According to Decider, "Power of the Dog" was allegedly taken from Psalm 22:20 that the male lead in the movie, Peter, reads at the ending. The movie is said to have a dark ending where it reveals the death of the "abusive uncle" was due to Peter poisoning him with Anthrax.

Live Action pointed out that sad reality that such celebrities do not use their influence to "spread the message of life" but instead discriminate the unborn.

"It is a shame that Hollywood insiders and entertainment industry professionals do not use their platform to spread the message of life and protection for the most vulnerable human beings among us, discriminated against simply for existing," the pro-life outlet said.