No towing company in Alberta, Canada heeded the request of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who needed assistance to remove trucks from Coutts Port of Entry by the northern side of the Alberta-Montana border.

The Gateway Pundit reported that the towing companies refused to respond to the call of Ottawa's Mayor for several reasons, including their support for the Freedom Convoy, and their fear of losing business from the respective communities they serve and operate in. Though author Cari Kelemen reported that the tow companies reasoned they had COVID-19.

"The Mayor of Ottawa called some tow companies and asked them to start towing trucks out of the city. The tow companies reply? 'We've got Co-vid.'," Kelemen said.

While The Juggernaut tweeted on Monday that the towing companies were actually supporting the "truckers and will not help the Mayor of Ottawa." The tweet included a video of an unnamed woman who spoke with a local who lived in Ottawa for decades.

"He told me that the Mayor of Ottawa called tow truck companies to start towing the semis out of the streets and every company said that they have COVID," the woman said.

"(Sorry) We've got COVID," the woman quoted one of the truck companies in saying.

TGP highlighted that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau used "COVID exposure" as an excuse to avoid angry protesters so he could hide through isolation.

Not The Bee explained that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police closed roadways last Monday leading to Coutts near the Milk River community. However, tractors and trucks of the Freedom Convoy breached the roadblock after they were apprehended by RCMP. Farmers in the area joined the protesters in a "peaceful but resolute" manner to show their support.

However, the RCMP rebutted claims of a peaceful assembly in a statement they released on Monday. The RCMP claomed that the Freedom Convoy has created an unnecessary blockade since the trucks, which are massive in number, occupied the whole stretch of the highway bound for Ottawa. This is said to be "unlawful" since it interferes the highway, an "essential infrastructure."

"What may have begun as a peaceful assembly quickly turned into an unlawful blockade. While the Alberta RCMP has been in a position to conduct enforcement, we have been engaged with protesters at the Coutts border crossing in an effort to find a peaceful and safe resolution for all involved. We thought we had a path to resolution, the protesters eventually chose not to comply," RCMP said.

"As of this morning, further action is being taken by the Alberta RCMP as this blockade continues to impede the ability for emergency agencies to provide full services to area residents. It has also negatively impacted the flow of goods and services, and impedes the public's freedom of movement...This event is not a peaceful assembly," they stressed.

Last week, Christianity Daily reported that at least 30,000 truckers are heading to Ottawa, Canada in protest of the vaccine mandate that has crippled the livelihood of many of them. Canada imposed a January 15 vaccination deadline on truckers including those that service federal regulated industries, such as the Canadian Trucking Alliance whose 15% of members are expected to "be sidelined due to the new restriction."

"We are taking our fight to the doorsteps of our Federal Government and demanding that they cease all mandates against its people," the Freedom Convoy declared.

Meanwhile, evangelist Franklin Graham expressed appreciation for Freedom Convoy's efforts in a post in Facebook on Wednesday. He quoted the truckers conveying their fight for freedom as the very intent of their convoy to the nation's capital and not because they oppose vaccination. It is a fight, the truckers said, to "give people their freedom back."

"I love these guys-Canadian truckers standing for freedom! Mat who has been in Ottawa all week made it clear when he told the media, 'We're not anti-vax, we're not anti-anything other than anti-mandate...The message is freedom for every Canadian.' Another trucker said, 'Give people their freedom back. Give people their lives back. Give people their choices back. We want freedom, we want our Canada back.' God bless them! If we don't defend the liberties that are so important to us, they can be so quickly lost," Graham said.