An immigrant from North Korea who fled to the United States for solace highlighted the "shocking reality" she is facing in seeing how the country is being brainwashed into communism.

Faithwire reported that Yeonmi Park was featured in PragerU's "Stories of Us" where she recounted the life of "fear and terror" she had in North Korea. Park escaped North Korea at the age of 13 for China then the United States. Park also revealed that she is in disbelief to see that former life of communism slowly becoming a reality in America where freedom of speech is "slipping away."

"I never thought in America I had to worry about brainwashing and propaganda. We have a brainwashing going on in this country," Park exclaimed.

"I get censored on YouTube and Twitter because I talk about China. Never in my life I thought in America I had to fight for freedom of speech. Even in America, the freedom is not guaranteed, and it's slipping away every single day," she explained.

Park raised her concerns for the United States and shared her dismay for people who believe the country is evil. These people think it more beneficial that other political systems should be used for the country. Yet Park said the current political system in America bears fruit, and this can be seen in the difference between South Korea and North Korea.

"South Korea was the poorest country when they adopted the U.S. democratic system. One is the 11th largest economy in the world, and the other country (does) not have electricity in the 21st century. Same potential. Same history. Same people under two different systems. One is communism; one is capitalism," Park pointed out.

In North Korea, there was much hunger, hardship, and death because the government has no regard for its citizens. Park recalled spending her childhood in fear and terror from seeing so many dead bodies every day. She could easily remember her mother telling her to hold her breath and keep silent so that they could be kept safe.

"Don't even whisper because the birds and mice could hear you," Park quoted her mother in saying.

"Growing up as a child, seeing dead bodies on the streets. That was my daily routine in life," she disclosed.

According to Park, food was scarce such that malnutrition was the reason her grandmother died. While hunger killed her uncle. Clean, drinking water was scarce, too. She shared having to drink from a river where dead bodies could be seen floating in.

"They were purposefully letting us die. You do not own yourself in North Korea. You are owned by the state. The regime decided what we read, what we watch, what we listen to. Literally, people get executed by reading a Bible," Park continued.

When Park and her mother attempted to escape, they were sold as slaves in China and became human trafficking victims. Park, during that time, suffered so much atrocities that included witnessing her own mother being raped. The suffering was too much she thought of suicide.

"They sold my mom for less than $100, and then they sold me separately....I was going to kill myself. I couldn't take it," Park shared.

Park's saving grace came when she met missionaries who helped her escape China and get to the United States. The missionaries opened her into a whole new world that included faith. Park concluded her "Stories of Us" video by expressing hope that freedom would be retained in the United States.

"I just hope it's not too late to fight back," Park said.