Rev. Greg Locke revealed that there are witches in his congregation who were sent to destroy the church.

Locke, the pastor of Global Vision Bible Church (GVBC) in Tennessee, shared the revelation during his sermon last Sunday, the Religion News Service (RNS) reported.

In the video clip tweeted by Hemant Mehta, Locke disclosed that he was able to get the full names of the six witches while casting out a demon from a woman who recently started coming to GVBC. He said that they were sent to cast spell, lure the members and cause illness in the church.

Locke said three of those said witches were present in the gathering. Two of them were also attending his wife's Bible study.

In response to Mehta's edited video clip, Locke complained that his words were taken out of context and told RNS that two of the witches were men.

"ALL sent here on assignment to disrupt," the pastor added.

He also shared that the witches were brought to his church to lure the members into adultery.

"WE WILL NOT TOLERATE THAT!!" Locke pointed out.

Thinking that others may doubt about his encounter with demons, the minister insisted that he was telling the truth.

"Hand to God. In the name of Jesus, if I'm lying, if I'm over exaggerating what I'm trying to tell these people for the purpose of clicks and likes, may I drop dead preaching on this platform having blasphemed the power of the Holy Ghost in front of everybody," he stated.

The Christian Post shared that a couple of pastors criticized Locke for the video clip, doubting the claim about witches in his church. However, during GVBC's service on Wednesday, a student ministry leader, Jesse, testified about his own deliverance from the evil spirit, aided by the minister.

Jesse confessed that the demonic force has been attacking his marriage. He decided to ask Locke for deliverance after his wife noticed the devil's attack on him.

During the service, the pastor spoke about the dangers of deliverance.

He said that speaking about it is dangerous because it exposes the nature of the enemy, as well as the "lukewarm condition" of churches in the country.

To emphasize the significance of deliverance and defend himself against the criticism on the issue, he recalled the event in Acts 19:19, wherein the Word of the LORD grew in power after the people who were practicing sorcery burned their scrolls.

"The devil don't play fair. Evil spirits take one side, the side of their master... When you start exposing, people get crazy on you," Locke warned.

Moreover, he brought up one of the ancient Jewish laws in Exodus 22:18, stating that sorcerers must never be allowed to live.

The pastor stressed that those people who do not believe that witches do exist must "use a brain and use a Bible."

Sorcery is immensely hated by God. The Israelites were warned against this practice since they left Egypt for the Promised Land, as stated in Deuteronomy 18:14. In Leviticus 19:31, the people were prohibited to seek the services of mediums and spiritists because doing such will defile them.

An example of sorcery is fortune-telling, according to Micah 5:12.

Further, Galatians 5:19-21 cautioned that people who practice evil things, such as sorcery, will "not inherit the kingdom of God" but will be hurled into the lake of fire.