"Light Your World," an 80-minute film, premiered online on December 31 with testimonies of people whose lives were forever changed by Christ.

It also featured Christian music presented by Christian artists TobyMac and Maverick City Music. A gospel presentation was also included in the show, which was hosted by Andrew and Wendy Palau.

According to Christian Headlines, a total of 245,000 audiences made their decision for Christ, and 21,000 requested copies of Discipleship resources from the Luis Palau Association. They received a new 50-day devotional series entitled "Made New."

The Luis Palau Association urged Christians to take part in the "Light Your World Challenge," which challenged them to commit to praying for five non-believers.

One of the goals of "Light Your World," according to the ministry, was for "Christians to use this event as a way of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with their friends and family."

The film can be freely viewed at LightYourWorld.Live.

A legacy of preaching Christ

In connection to this, the late evangelist Luis Palau left a legacy that stands on faithfulness in sharing the Gospel, and by which the Luis Palau Association has its foundation.

The Luis Palau Association has presented the Gospel of Jesus Christ with tens of millions of people through evangelistic events and media throughout the course of their 50-year ministry.

Palau preached in more than 80 nations, resulting in over one million registered decisions for Jesus Christ. He wrote almost 50 books, contributed faith-related essays to many journals, and advised corporate executives, political leaders, and heads of state all over the world.

In 1964, he launched regular Gospel radio broadcasts, which evolved into radio shows such as "Luis Palau Responde" and "Reaching Your World," which were eventually heard by millions throughout the globe on 5,000 radio stations in 48 countries.

In 1985, his son Kevin joined the organization's staff, and in the late 1990s, he took over as director of the ministry's day-to-day operations. The Luis Palau Association, led by Kevin, has drawn around tens of thousands of churches in hundreds of cities to love and serve their communities while boldly sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Andrew, Luis's son, and Wendy, Andrew's wife, both served the association as worldwide evangelists and teachers, preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to hundreds of thousands of people in person and millions online.

One of the remarks of Luis about his ministry is this: "At the judgment seat, in the middle of all my stumbles, this much I know I will be able to say to the One seated on the great white throne: "I obeyed you, Father. You said go, and I went." I went. He went with me, every mile. And it was worth it."

Luis's legacy continues to lives on, even after his death. The Luis Palau Association continues to proclaim the Gospel, reunite the Church, and have an impact on cities all over the world.

It carries on Luis's ministry of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the entire world, as expressed in the Great Commission.