The education department in New York encourages the youth to read a pornographic book with LGBT topics with explicit drawings depicting oral sex.

The National Education Association's Read Across America initiative recently encouraged the New York State Department of Education to ask librarians in the state what their favorite books were. A librarian named Lauren Moore from Albany chose Maia Kobabe's "Gender Queer: A Memoir," an LGBT book with explicit drawings.

Moore, who works as the Assistant Commissioner for Libraries and is a New York State Librarian, remarked that she is "grateful for books that let my kid know they're not alone," the Post Millennial reported. However, the book in question has been the target of conservative parents across America because the LGBT book contains explicit drawings that are inappropriate for children.

"Gender Queer: A Memoir" is a graphic novel written by Kobabe, an author who uses "e/em/eir" pronouns. The LGBT book has won several awards but its content have angered parents because of the graphic depiction of sex acts and the "apparent encouragement for children to question their gender identity," the report said.

Emily DeSantis of the State Education Department (SED) told the media outlet in an email that the agency was "not aware of the graphic nature of the contents of the book, which is not apparent from its title."

"Once we became aware, we immediately removed the post," DeSantis explained. "SED is investigating the circumstances under which this title was selected and posted."

Breitbart reported that concerned parent Nicole Solas from Rhode Island, who tags herself as a "domestic terrorist" on Twitter for speakiing out against the LGBT agenda in schools, shared a correspondence she had with the Superintendent of North Kingston HIgh School. Solas took to Twitter to share explicit images from the book and an email from the school administrators that argued that the "pornography" in the LGBT book supports "sexual health."

"Public school gives your kids porn because it's good for them," Solas wrote on Twitter.

An administrator at the school explained that "Gender Queer: A Memoir" was "available" in their library because the LGBT book is "intended for a teenage and young adult audience" and in their opinion "would be considered a valuable resource for someone who is working through issues of sexual identity and/or identifying as transgender."

Furthermore, the administrator insisted that the LGBT book with explicit drawings was not pornographic, instead comparing it to the work of Italian sculptor Michaelangelo, unlike images in Playboy, which "would be considered pornographic." The administrator concluded that in the case of the LGBT book with explicit images, "the intent of the author is to be concerned for the sexual health of those who are transgender, clearly not to be phonographic."

Author and mathematician Dr. James Lindsay however highlighted how when images from the LGBT book with explicit images are uploaded to Instagram, htey are removed by the site because the Facebook-owned company claims that the content violates the platform's Community GUidelines on "nudity or sexual activity."

Lindsay remarked, "Instagram agrees that the groomer book in our kids' schools is pornographic."