The Newsboys encouraged the Christians to love others but urged them to take their stand in Christ.

In the interview with Jennie Law of The Christian Post, Michael Tait and Duncan Phillips shared about the message of their latest album "Stand."

"It's such a divided country nowadays... but the Bible tells us it was coming anyway. The more important question is, where do we stand in all of this?..." Tait said.

When Law asked how they encourage others to stand up for God amidst pressure, Phillips shared the statement of Tait's father.

"If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything," Tait's father stated.

Phillips went on to say that Christians should love people but they must decide take a stand for Christ.

"Love people as much as you can. Be a light to the world but at some point... there is a line in the sand... and you got to draw that line and say, 'I'm on this side...'" he said.

Further, he stressed that despite the news about wars, he believes that the best things have yet to come and urged the people to continue having hope.

"... I believe that the greatest revival is ahead of this world. I think... so many wonderful things coming in the future... That's my hope... because people who don't have hope... must be hurried away to live your life. I think one of the things of what we do, we do have this incredible hope and faith in something far greater than who we are," Phillips explained.

Law observed that despite talking about what they believe, the band members do not get consumed with the things that cause division. 

Phillips replied that it is important to love people in spite of differences.

"What I'm called to do is to love you, is to go out to all the world, preach the Gospel with love," he added.

The band's latest album, which contains 10 tracks, was released in October 2021. In the statement obtained by The Christian Beat, Tait and Phillips shared about the stories behind the songs. Tait disclosed that the story of his brother, whom he said has been in jail for most of his life, inspired the creation of "Never Too Far Away".  The song speaks about the forgiveness of God and His power to change lives regardless of people's sins.

Tait unveiled to CCM Magazine that the pandemic has given him "uninterrupted time" to work on songs that "spoke" about the "season."

The Newsboys also collaborated with TobyMac for the album's title track, re-releasing the single and its lyric video last January.

"Stand" was written by Tait, Ben Glover and Jeff Sojka. Tait said that the song speaks about the "very purpose and mission of every human," citing his challenges as a man of color in the world of "white" people.

The band is currently on tour, visiting various cities across the United States until next month.

When asked about the "temperature" of people attending their shows, Phillips revealed that the response has been "awesome."

Tait added that the concerts are sold-out and people are "stoke" to be there.