A Russian tank had killed the 27th adopted daughter of Pastor Gennadiy Moknenko, the founder of Republic Pilgrim and senior pastor of Church of Good Changes, in her apartment at Mariupol, Ukraine last March 13.

An eminent Pentecostal pastor broke the sad news on Ukrainian national television regarding his one of adopted daughters named Vika being killed by the Russian troops, Charisma News reported.

Pastor Mokhnenko said in his interview, "I'm sorry. I'm not very able to say something intelligible today because a few hours ago I was informed that one of my daughters was shot in Mariupol [Ukraine]." In his tears, "I have 35 [children]. I managed to bring out the younger children, but I could not return [to] Mariupol. We ran into the front line [of the war]."

Per the report, the pastor had placed his younger children to safety while intending to return to Mariupol for his older children. Transportation to a safe location had become difficult for the family since Moknenko's children were 38 in total, three biological and 35 adopted.

"[Russian President Vladimir] Putin's [scum] killed my daughter in Mariupol ... They shot from a tank into the apartment recently received by Vika, a former orphan," Mokhnenko posted his anguish on Facebook.

He then criticized the Russian President, saying "Putin says, 'As part of the operation of demilitarization and denazification.' To the apartment of an orphan, my 27th adopted daughter, from a tank as part of demilitarization."

He also spoke to Russians directly. "To an orphan's apartment from a tank. Demilitarization. They will tell you on TV that this, like the aerial bombs that are raining down on Mariupol right now, is just a Ukrainian fake."

"And your tanks naturally 'save' us and our children," he adds. "Inhumans. Heaven will present you with a bill for lies, for silence, for cowardice, and eight years of stupidly agreeing to be deceived by propaganda."

Mokhnenko continued to illuminate Russians by talking about how the war impacted their lives. "You are already paying [with] thousands of your sons, whose bodies are rotting in the fields of Ukraine. And I asked you, begged you, exhorting you, what are you doing?"

"Now I am not very able to reflect... Like many fathers, mothers, and children of Ukraine, I just howl in pain... But if I survive, I will tell you a lot," he added in despair.

Fortunately, the three-year-old son of Vika wasn't at the apartment when the time of the incident happened. "Forgive Dotsya that I could not protect you. I tried, apparently not enough. See you soon," he said.

Regardless of what happened, Pastor Mokhnenko continues to serve the Ukrainian people conflicted by the war, the ministry's news reported. His team is constantly in the east of Ukraine, taking people out from under the shells, providing them with food and clothing, and then sending them to the western part of the country.

"We try our best to help the evacuees who were able to escape from death, and therefore we are immensely grateful for any help," the Mokhnenko ministry said.