An ex-pastor for Hillsong in Atlanta is not letting the global megachurch's string of scandals stop him from putting up his own church.

Easter Sunday marked a truly meaningful beginning for Pastor Sam Collier, the former pastor of Hillsong Atlanta, who started a new church called "Story Church" on Resurrection Sunday. In March, not only did Collier announce that he was cutting ties with Hillsong Atlanta, but also that the church itself would be dissolved. The dissolving of the Atlanta arm of the global megachurch came after much controversy surrounding its pastors, Carl Lentz and founder Brian Houston.

According to the Christian Headlines, Collier has relaunched Hillsong Atlanta as "Story Church," which is now home to most of the staff who had also served in the Atlanta arm of the Australian megachurch. In March, Collier decided to resign from Hillsong Atlanta after Houston, its Global Senior Pastor, was accused of misconduct by two women.

"We want to be a Spirit-filled environment," Collier said during Easter Sunday's service. "Which just simply means this: we believe that God is still alive, and He's still moving throughout our midst."

Collier introduced some of the Story Church staff to the congregation later in the service. He also invited church members to a "family meeting" next week, during which he will introduce all the staff and board members of Story Church to its congregants, who will be given an opportunity to ask questions about the new church, Church Leaders reported. As for leadership roles, the pastor said women will be allowed to serve.

"One of the things I want to point out is you'll notice that we have women in leadership here. Which, at some churches, is not a thing. But it will be true here" Collier announced to the crowd, who cheered upon hearing the news. "Women will find freedom and be empowered in this church."

In addressing the Story Church congregation, Collier explained that it was "never" his "intention" to "leave the Hillsong world." He explained, "It...was a real dream for us, and so I cried really hard on the way out." However, he acknowledged that "sometimes the things God asks us to do are hard" and that people will "surrender to His will anyway."

"It was a struggle," the 38 year old pastor admitted. "But here we are, and I just believe that today is evidence-you're in this room today as a reminder to me and our team and to my wife that God is faithful."

Collier also talked about Story Church's future in becoming an independent church, as some of the operating costs were still funded by the Hillsong global budget. He called upon congregants, describing them as "a family [who] will help us build this church through your generosity." He ensured congregants that funds received through donations will be spent wisely and appropriately.

Collier added, "We have a board of directors and a system. I can be fired."

The establishment of Story Church comes after Houston stepped down from his Global Senior Pastor role in a separation riddled with controversy. Most recently, Hillsong denied that it fired his wife, Bobbie Houston via text message, a move that was denounced by the couple.