A leftist anarchist group vandalized a pro-life Christian organization's office in Madison, Wisconsin on Sunday before setting it on fire.

Wisconsin State Journal Government Reporter Alexander Shur reported on Twitter that the assailants used Molotov cocktails to start a fire in the Wisconsin Family Action's head office. The attackers also wrote on the office wall, "If abortions aren't safe, then you aren't either." Shur also posted photos of the pro-life organization's head office after the attack. The photo showed the office floor filled with a pile of charred debris mingled with books and other items besides toppled furniture.

A Targeted Pro-Life Center

The New York Times added that the initial investigation conducted by law enforcement showed the Molotov cocktail did not ignite after the attackers threw it in the office. The police said the attackers then set another fire to push through with their plan.

Meanwhile, The Cap Times said the Madison Police Department noted that flames were first seen coming out of the building at 6 a.m. The Madison Fire Department responded immediately and extinguished the flames before they got out of control. The police also revealed that improvised Molotov cocktails using Mason jars along with a lighter were found at the scene. The cocktails were said to be thrown from the window of Wisconsin Family Action President Julaine Appling's office, which was the one burnt by the attackers.

Madison Police Chief Shon Barnes said in a statement that the Christian pro-life organization was particularly targeted by its attackers. Barnes raised that their department supports people in the free expression of their beliefs but finds such a destruction of property and acts of violence contradictory to such a cause. The police chief disclosed that the matter is under investigation in cooperation with the Madison Fire Department and the police department's federal partners.

CBS 58 said that Anarchy 1312 was the culprit of the crime, shown by the graffiti they left on the office's outer wall. Anarchy 1312 is said to be a lobbyist for abortion rights and gay marriages.

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The Pro-Life Center Condemns The Violence

In an official statement about the incident, Appling raised that the attack comes as a reaction to the leaked United States Supreme Court document on overturning Roe v. Wade.

"While this attack was directly provoked by the leaked draft opinion from the US Supreme Court in the Dobbs case earlier this week, this has far broader implication. Apparently, the tolerance that the left demands is truly a one-way street. Violence has become their answer to everything," Appling disclosed.

Appling pointed out that the incident is a result of Wisconsin Governor Tony Ever's indifference to violence, citing those that occurred in Madison and Kenosha. Appling said that the Governor's lack of action or response to violence has fostered such an environment in the state where citizens who disagree with him become vulnerable to attacks.

In response to the incident, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers condemned the violence and tagged it as a hate crime against the Wisconsin Family Action. Evers stressed that violence and hurting others are not the answer when it comes to a difference in viewpoints.

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