More than being a global sensation with more than 400 million views on YouTube during the past month, "The Chosen" Director Dallas Jenkins said that he's encouraged by the positive outcomes that the show's viewers are telling him.

In a Facebook post, the team of the Bible-based hit series thanked its viewers for the continued support as they marked a milestone on their goal of having "The Chosen" viewed by up to 1 billion people.

The multi-season television series about the life of Jesus and His disciples showed increasing trends globally. According to its website, the show garnered 69.1 million views in Brazil alone. It also hit the Top 8 spot on the most searched movies and series in the United States last April on the streaming platform Roku, according to Variety.

The data shown does not represent the total number of viewers. Hence, the series still has a significant 94.8 million viewers around the world.

Different Religious Backgrounds Talk About Jesus

In his YouTube update, Jenkins shared how the series made a remarkable impact on different faith groups. He narrated that he went to a public university in Utah wherein a diversity of faith can be seen. He said that people around the world got to talk and focus on Jesus more instead of religion. He said that it's unbelievable to see people coming together despite differences in faith traditions.

Jenkins noted that the show breaks the "wall of religious walls that kept people even from communicating with each other and asking questions to each other."

He was also glad for people who continue to express their appreciation for the show. He said that people come to see him saying that the show inspired them to change their lives on a positive note. Different people with different backgrounds and traditions said that it reignited their faith in Jesus Christ.

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Focus More On Jesus, Not Religion

Jenkins pointed out that these positive outcomes of the show let him focus less on religion and more on Jesus. The director mentioned that he's being criticized for his engagements with different faith groups specifically Latter-day Saints and Catholics. Some people were disappointed saying that they will not watch the show anymore. Despite the criticisms he received, he said that it's more important to focus more on talking about Jesus rather than religion.

Recently, he reiterated that he still belongs to the conservative Evangelical. He believes that Scripture is inerrant and its supremacy. He believes in the Holy Trinity - God the Father, Son of God, and Holy Spirit. He believes that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and all the core teachings of the Bible.

When it comes to the content of the show, he said that it's not his job to give different versions of Jesus. He emphasized that it's his work as a director and a believer of Christ to represent the Lord as accurately as possible. It's important to publish content on Bible studies, devotional books, and kid's books with correct information.

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