A pastor from Michigan made his way to Buffalo, New York to provide free gas to those in need.

Regular Americans are still feeling the crunch from the sky-high gas prices that has forced many to tighten their belts. But one pastor from Michigan recently traveled to Buffalo, New York to ease people's worries and pay for free gas. The city has recently been struck by the tragic, racially-charged mass shooting at a grocery store that left 10 Black individuals dead.

"A lot has been affected in the African-American community, so I just decided to come here and bring $10,000," Pastor Carlton Lynch told News Nation's Morning in America. Hours before the Michigan pastor set up to pay for people's gas, cars began lining up at Mandella Market Gas Station. Pastor Lynch said he wanted to ensure that those in the Buffalo community had enough gas to get to the grocery store.

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Michigan Pastor Helps People by Giving Away Free Gas Worth $10,000

The deadly mass shooting on May 14 at Tops Friendly Market on Jefferson Avenue forced the store to close down, which meant that the neateres grocery store for those who lived on Buffalo's East Side is miles away. Pastor Lynch said that providing gas to people was his small way of helping the community after the tragic incident.

Pastor Lynch also shared that the $10,000 gas giveaway was organized by people he had "never met before" and only encountered upon landing in New York. He added that he had spoken to a police officer, who helped him navigate which store and gas station to hold the event at. He remarked, "They say this is in the heart of the inner city of this community."

The Michigan pastor added, "This has become, in a sense, a food desert since the tragedy, so I just thought about bringing resources to the community. A lot of people are coming to give respect and honor to the fallen, but I also wanted to do that and bring about help and aid to those that are still here grieving through this tragedy."

Charitable Gas Giveaways Becoming More Common Amidst the Crisis

Giving away free gas to communities has become more common in the past months following the Russian invasion of Ukraine that pushed gas prices through the roof. Despite efforts by the Biden administration, Americans are still feeling the grip of increasing gas prices. In Kokomo, Indiana, employees with the Indiana Heartland Federal Credit Union gave away $25 worth of gas for the first 100 vehicles beginning at 4 in the afternoon, Fox 59 reported. But drivers seeking free gas lined up as early as 2:45 p.m., showing just how many people needed it. The group plans to hold more gas giveaways soon.

In West Memphis, Arkansas, the same scenario took place in May, when a local church called Faith International Ministries gave away $20 worth of free fuel for the first 100 vehicles that lined up at Dodge's, 1414 E. Broadway Ave. from 10 a.m. to 12 noon, Fox 13 reported.

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