Known Christian filmmaker Stephen Kendrick shared the importance of life in the upcoming film "Lifemark," with his brother Alex Kendrick and actor Kirk Cameron. The film, with Fathom Events, will open in select theaters nationwide on September 9.

Kendrick shared this film was the first true story movie they created, capturing a young man's struggle with his birth parents. He told CBN's Faithwire that they believed that it was a "divine appointment" because the Lord brought them the film in 2019.

The film was about to be released when the sanctity of life and the possible overturning of Roe v. Wade were relevant issues in society nowadays. The filmmakers who collaborated on the film alongside actor Cameron realized that the timing isn't coincidental. He shared that when Cameron recommended the documentary of the story, the "Growing Pains" actor said he was moved by it and felt compelled to share the adoption story with other people.

He shared that he was sobbing in his kitchen when he finished watching the documentary, sharing with them that his wife and four children were adopted.

Care For The Widows And Orphans

After the film was delayed due to the pandemic, Kendrick believed that the movie has a message for everyone, especially as life issues dominate the news. He believed the pro-life idea woven in the film might encourage people to value life from womb to grave as what the Scriptures say. Kendrick hopes that the film will encourage Christians to think more deeply about the importance of preserving all life, noting that Christians were also adopted in Spirit.

He emphasized that the church has a unique chance to not just help women in crisis pregnancies, but also to implement what James teaches about pure religion, "caring for widows and orphans." By reaching out and promoting adoption, he believed the church has an incredible opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus and this generation.

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Importance Of Life And Faith

As mentioned, their past works were composed of different biblical truths and stories woven together to create a great fictional movie. In this case, the filmmakers just narrated the real story behind the real people. Kendrick said they just magnified or slowed key moments from the characters' stories and added some background music so that the values would be properly communicated to people.

Kendrick shared that it felt surreal when they were interviewing the people in the documentary. He said as their team gathered more backstories from the real people, the film became more in-depth, making it unique.

"Everybody's journey is so fresh and different that, when you dive in, there's always treasure there," he shared.

The Kendricks believed that moviegoers will be entertained by a compelling family-friendly film, and it will also generate discussions about the worth of life and the power of spiritual perseverance. They wanted to emphasize that God can be trusted by people no matter how difficult the situation and to affect the culture that one decision in faith can change the life of the person and other people.

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