Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has been receiving criticisms for cursing and using the f-word while calling out Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and for repeatedly defending what she said.

Lightfoot attended an LGBT Pride event last weekend where she spoke on stage. Chicago Sun-Times reported that at one point in her speech, someone from the audience yelled back at the mayor. She pointed to the supporter and shouted, "Thank you. f--- Clarence Thomas!"

While some people in the crowd were taken aback by the vulgar word the mayor has chosen, others cheered for her and repeated the word.

Lightfoot, unflinching, continued to strike the Supreme Court justice proclaiming, "He thinks that we are going to stand idly by while they take our rights."

She was charging Thomas not only because of his vote in overturning Roe v. Wade but also because of his written opinion that suggests a revisit of the same-sex marriage legalization, to which no other justice signed, Christian Headlines reported.

Thomas was reportedly putting forward the thought that the landmark decision overturning Roe should also lead to an overture to overturning gay marriage.

Someone posted Lightfoot's video on Twitter, which garnered almost half a million views by Monday late afternoon.

The mayor's office was asked for a statement but they have refused to give any. However, Lightfoot herself made a statement on Twitter Monday evening when she posted a photo of herself on the stage of the Pride event pointing toward a supporter's shirt with exact phrase she said with the caption, "I said what I said."

She again took to Twitter declaring in another post, "If my language bothers you more than the destruction of our civil rights, then we don't need to know anything else about you."

An Invitation To Violence

Six politicians, mostly Democrats and who are her contenders in the mayor's position coming 2023, saw the video and gave negative responses to the mayor's choice of words and attitude.

Former Chicago Public Schools CEO Paul Vallas, a Democrat, told the Chicago Sun-Times that what the mayor did was embarrassing, dangerous, and "totally inappropriate", pointing out that there are better ways to criticize without having to instigate or invite people to violence.

To which State Representative Kam Buckner, also a Democrat, agreed, stating that the action of Lightfoot was not what was expected from a leader representing Chicago on a public stage. He went on to say that they should be mindful of the young people watching and listening.

Businessman Willie Wilson also agreed with Vallas declaring that the mayor was encouraging violence.

"I condemn all things that would make anybody feel or give the impression of violence. That just ain't the way to go," Wilson demanded.

Ray Lopez, another mayoral candidate directly said that Lightfoot's language just reflects how she is not fit for office as she is undignified and that her vulgarity is on a whole new different level, which can result to disrespect from people. He then declared that the latter needs to apologize adding, "Our youth, our future leaders, watch her actions. To normalize this kind of vitriolic response when you don't get your way is just bad leadership, albeit a hallmark of her administration."

 Ja'Mal Green accused Lightfoot of luring voters, using the Supreme Court ruling, and not saying anything about the devastating shooting of a 5-month-old baby girl.

Green said that Chicago needs solutions for what is going on, which Lightfoot decided to overlook and instead show off on stage with the language of profanity to get a "certain reaction" from people and get her approval rates up.

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Not Her First Time To Curse

Chicago Sun-Times further reported that this isn't the first time Lightfoot has been criticized for profanity. She has been venting out profane and vulgar words since 2020 against Lopez, 2021 against members of the Balck Caucus who voted against her budget, and most recently against Italian Americans during a discussion on removing Christopher Columbus from Arrigo Park.

Posting a video of her interview with CBS Mornings about the decision to overturn Roe, Lightfoot tweeted Monday, "As long as I am Mayor, anyone in need of an abortion is welcome to Chicago," after describing how outrageous, selfish, and unjust the Supreme Court is treating  women in the U.S."

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