The greatest threat to America's religious freedom is the woke culture's hegemony that demands to silence those who disagree believing that it's the right thing to do, according to a prominent religious freedom advocacy organization.

In an interview with the Christian Post during the second annual International Religious Freedom Summit in Washington, president, and CEO of Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) Michael Farris talked about the current state of religious freedom in the U.S. and other countries, revealing that a lot of individuals, especially Christians, are struggling against the schemes of the woke culture in constantly and with all efforts trying to shut them to the point of losing their careers and inability to express their opinions out in public.

Farris, further, declared that "the dominance of woke culture that thinks it's OK to silence people who disagree" brings serious danger to America's freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

He went on to say that today's generation is "in a mood" where diverse opinions cannot be tolerated and pressure is placed so that the prevailing viewpoint will be believed in and followed, explaining how the "imperialism of woke culture" is not only getting hold of America but also of other sectors in the world.

Farris, known for his works as a litigator, educator, public advocate, and communicator cited Hindu nationalism's outrageous operations in India in closing down people that are differing from and questioning its belief. He narrated that he met a young man in India a few weeks ago who was assaulted by the police and charged with "a crime of forcible conversion" because he was praying for his uncle's healing and he was doing it out loud on an apartment's balcony.

"Get in line or face the consequences is the mood in way too many places in the world," he said. This is most especially happening in America, though he truly believes that this is happening without the support of the majority as most Americans still have it in their hearts to give every citizen the right to speak what they want without encountering mob ridicule and violence. Thus, in order to reverse the "trend of intolerance", there is a need to awaken this majority to reality.

Parents Would Rather Homeschool Kids In This Woke Generation

The CEO of ADF, a world-leading organization whose work focuses on defending religious freedom, free speech, the sanctity of life, parental rights, and God's design for marriage and family, also stated that this woke culture has caused the homeschool population to double in number, from 5% to 10% of the young population, for the past two years that the world fell under COVID and parents got to see and were suddenly more aware of and involved in what the school was teaching their kids. 

"This (Homeschooling) is a phenomenon that's here to stay, and as long as the public schools decide that they are more about indoctrination than they are academic excellence, homeschooling's going to continue to flourish," Farris explained.

He emphasized that the general education establishment, starting with the teachers in American colleges that have quite an authority over what happens in the later stage of the process, has totally fallen and now utilizes the "culturally woke agenda." He then contended that the establishment needs to wake up instead of being "woke" and realize that their students do not stand with their ideology. If they continue on, they'll lose the power that they possess.

Thus, he is very much hopeful now that more and more parents who have the courage to speak up, stand up and fight for their kids are coming to light.

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Christian Nationalism And Not Woke Culture Is A Threat

In an interview with American Progress, Amanda Tyler, a religious freedom expert from the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty, boldly stated that the "single, biggest threat" to America's religious freedom is Christian nationalism.

The article reported that problems and conflicts arising these days are due to Christian nationalism defined as "the anti-democratic notion that America is a nation by and for Christians alone." It went on to say that it threatens the church-state separation principle and cripples the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment, which leads to discrimination to the point of violence against religious minorities and the nonreligious.

Tyler proclaimed, "Christian nationalism is antithetical to the constitutional ideal that belonging in American society is not predicated on what faith one practices or whether someone is religious at all." She then cited examples of its expression with the January 6 insurrection as the most violent one to the subtle ones like legislation to promote Bible teaching or the requirement to post "In God We Trust" in public schools and other public places. The danger lies in preserving the "false narrative" that one can only be a true American if one is a Christian.

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