Writer of a prominent news website penned down his opinion about the overturning of Roe vs. Wade and boldly stated that the Supreme Court's decision is equivalent to the infamous 9/11 terrorist attack in America.

Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank wrote in her column, "... overturning Roe would be a shock to our way of life, the social equivalent of the 9/11 attacks," Fox News reported.

According to Lifesite News, the columnist's "twisted" reasoning expressed that the overturning of Roe will ultimately "shatter" a woman's security in her bodily state exactly the same way 9/11 attacks "shattered our sense of physical security."

Milbank was slammed by a lot of personalities on social media and on the web.

Author Jennifer Greenberg asked Milbank to apologize to all the families of the 9/11 victims for heartlessly utilizing the death of their loved ones for propaganda. The author took to Twitter and posted, "Comparing saving 630,000 lives per year with the murder of 3,000 in a day is probably the most asinine and insulting take I've ever seen on Twitter, and that's saying a lot."

Yet of all the criticisms, the most savage one would be from Dan McLaughlin, who also penned down his reaction and opinion on National Review.

McLaughlin, who would have been a victim of the September 11 terrorist attack if he was in his World Trade Center office during his usual hours, described the comparison as "despicable," and his column "the most morally atrocious column of 2022."

The 9/11 attack survivor expressed his outrage saying, "To compare that protection to mass terroristic murder is a confession of moral bankruptcy, and it desecrates the graves of Americans who gave their lives that day. Everyone associated with the Washington Post ought to be ashamed to have anything to do with Milbank."

Roe vs. Wade Is Worse Than 9/11 Attack

Lifesite News strongly disagreed with Milbank's comparison stating that the real terrorist, the real 9/11 attack on society was not the overturn but it was actually the original Roe vs. Wade, which in fact was more destructive with more than 63 million deaths of children versus 3000.

"The end of Roe v. Wade is not a '9/11' attack on our social fabric. It will help heal it," the article declared. It will ultimately bring a deeply positive impact on the fabric of society as it will encourage better relationships between men and women and in their families.

How can it be an attack on society if Roe's reversal can actually save countless souls and lives, not only of children but also of the mothers who bore them? Each of these children and women, with their skills and hearts, can be great presents to society and the world.

Most of all, the reversal of Roe is also a reversal of committing immoral sin leading to spiritual death. The end of Roe is a start to the ripple effect of salvation - the salvation of many women who would have committed the evil of abortion and who have been imprisoned by sin for the rest of their lives, and the salvation of many children that can transform their mothers into better human beings capable of unconditional love, selflessness, and stewardship.

Women who choose to bring their kids to life and offer them up for adoption will be spared from the guilt and convictions, and the heavy burden of their conscience from ending their children's lives. 

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An Answer To Pre-Marital Sex, Promiscuity, And Adultery

Gen Z women are reconsidering sex in this Post-Roe world, with decisions to swear off men and avoid the intimate act until they find the right man or they want to finally have children, Insider reported.

The Guttmacher Institute found in 2008 that 85% of women doing abortions were unmarried. Single women use abortion as a form of backup contraception. However, now that abortion is already illegal, they have lost their fallback and are thinking twice about having sex with men who may not be willing or responsible enough to become a father.

For so long. pre-marital sex, promiscuity and adultery have been taken lightly by society with thoughts that they can just kill the consequences of their acts but not anymore. Hopefully, this can lead to deeper self-evaluations and self-reflection about one's identity in God and the purpose of God.

In conclusion, the reversal of Roe isn't a 9/11 attack on society. It is actually a gift of hope to every fabric of society like how the survivors and loved ones of the victims of 9/11 attack found hope from each other, from the people who prayed and helped, and from God who gave them their second lives and the strength and grace to move forward.

Post-Roe world is a gift of hope to a society that will have less moral woundedness, fewer psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually wounded human beings, happier, deeper and longer marriages, less divorce, less substance abuse, fewer sexually transmitted diseases, and, less mental health issues, depression, and anxieties leading to less suicide.

It is going to be a society that would see every human being and every relationship a treasure that is worth immeasurably more than anything in the world.

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