With poverty reportedly rising in Germany, a priest from Cologne is doing his best to provide for the community. DW reported that the 71-year-old Father Franz Meurer has been providing thousands of items for donations every year for the people in need.

Recently he bought 400 bags for the children in need living around St. Theodor in Koln Vingst. He said that he does not want the children going to school with plastic bags and that even if it is the poorest part of the city, they stick together.

Efforts of Father Franz Meurer and St. Theodor

The article also talked about the church's food distribution hub. Reportedly, the church supplies food for 180 families in Cologne every week. Additionally, this service has been extended to about 45 families from Ukraine. Even with all that, the church is still looking to add 30 more families for their distribution.

The St. Theodor rearranged its basement to make a place for the community and anyone who would like to help. In the basement, the church collects donations, distributes goods, tutors, and even repairs bicycles. The article called it "Meurer's factory."

The basement is seeing a rise of people in need as winter is coming and people are taking all the precautions needed.

When it comes to the prevention of poverty in the long run, the father said that his simple solution is different from what politicians and even journalists suggest. For him, it's important to start small to make a difference.

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Poverty Rising in Germany

DW reported that Germany is facing a huge inflation when it comes to food and energy and that the gap between the rich and the poor are widening.

The Paritätische Wohlfahrtsverband organization reported that today, there are about 13.8 million Germans living in poverty or at risk in slipping below the poverty line. The article clarified that in Germany, a person would be considered living in poverty if they are making less than €1,148 in net income a month.

Reportedly, the government is proposing a raise of the standard rate to €503 per month. However, experts are in the opinion that it would not be enough and that it should at least be €650 for the people to live "with dignity."

The article also mentioned that the issue is also affecting pensioners as the monthly pension is now not enough to cover their expenses. There's also a study that indicate that most petitioners are reluctant to claim government assistance as they see it as a shameful act. Thus, pensioners have turned to collecting bottles for deposit or working longer to make ends meet.

Parish of St. Theodor & St. Elisabeth

According to the page of the Parish of St. Theodor & St. Elisabeth, it is a church that aligns its people with Jesus Christ. It calls itself an open, missionary, welcoming, and philanthropic community that takes care of the district.

As a form of general ministry, the church has promised participation for the community. This includes the celebration of God and service to alleviate the personal misery of the people in the district.

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