Texas is known as a state with plenty of church with some of them even having the 'mega-church status.' The Houston Chronicle listed down the biggest mega churches in the Houston area by attendance.

As defined by the Hartford Institute for Religion Research, a megachurch is a 'Protestant Christian congregation with 2,000 or more people attending weekly.' The Hartford Institute said that most of the mega-churches in the country are in the 'southern Sunbelt' which includes the states of California, Texas, Florida, and Georgia.

The Fountain of Praise

Starting the list at number five is the Fountain of Praise church with an average attendance of 9,000. The church served as the site for the public viewing of George Floyd. It was also the place for the funerals of J.R. Richard and Jennifer Chavis, important Houston figures.

Founded in 1959, the church has Dr. Remus E. Wright as its seventh and current pastor. According to the church, the pastor led the church to the success that it enjoys today. Through his leadership, the church membership grew from 151 in 1991 to 24,700 members in 2016. Because of this, the church was even named one of the fastest-growing churches in the country.

During its time of growth, the church renamed itself, developed facilities, and created multiple programs and ministries to serve the church and the community.

New Light Christian Center Church

At number four, the New Light Christian Center Church is a Houston church that has an average attendance of 13,500. On its church page, it says that it was founded by Apostle I.V. and Pastor Bridget Hilliard in 1984 with 300 starting apostles.

Today, Senior Pastor Dr. Irishea Hilliard or Dr. I, serves the church as its senior pastor.

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Second Baptist Church

Sitting at number three is the Second Baptist Church of Pastor Ed Young with an average attendance of 15,970. According to the church, it started in March 1927 with 121 members and has since grown to serve the communities of Kingwood, Pearland, Cypress, and Fulshear.

Today, the church is served by its fifth pastor, Dr. Ed Young, a pastor who has served the Southern Baptist Convention as its president for two terms. The pastor is vocal about his disdain for Democrats, a trait that has been highly criticized by people.

Woodlands Church

The Woodlands Church is number two on the list with an average attendance of 18,385. A relatively young church, it was founded in 1993 by Kerry and Christ Shook as the 'Fellowship of the Woodlands.' Over the years, the church has become a multi-location church that reaches out to families with music, atmosphere, and message.

Lakewood Church

At number one sits the Joel Osteen-led Lakewood Church which has a 45,000 average attendance. According to Houston Chronicle, the church is commonly associated with the prosperity gospel. The church started in 1959 through the efforts of televangelist John and Dodie Osteen, the parents of the current church pastor.

During the time Joel has led the church, it has expanded its reach to over six continents.

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