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According to a survey of likely voters in the United States, nearly 40% of respondents believe that Democrats or Republicans are the biggest enemies facing the country, even compared to foreign powers like North Korea and Iran.

In a recent survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports, 39% of likely voters in the United States named either the Democrats or Republicans as the biggest threat facing the country, while 25% named China and 20% named Russia.

The survey included 900 participants with a margin of error of +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% confidence level. Of those surveyed, 22% said that Democrats are the nation's biggest enemy, 17% said Republicans, 5% named North Korea, and 2% named Iran.

Nearly Half of Respondents View Their Party Negatively

According to Christian Post, when surveyed about their views on the other political party, 33% of Republicans said that Democrats are the biggest enemy facing the United States. In comparison, 26% of Democrats said that Republicans are the greater enemy.

Among voters who are not affiliated with either party, 39% said that either Democrats (21%) or Republicans (18%) are the biggest threat to the country. This represents an increase from a similar survey conducted by Rasmussen two years ago.

In a previous survey, 24% of participants viewed people who voted for Joe Biden as the biggest enemy of the United States. In comparison, 22% saw those who supported Donald Trump as the country's greatest enemy.

In the most recent survey, 31% of Democrats saw Russia as the biggest enemy, while 16% named China. In contrast, 35% of Republicans viewed China as the biggest threat, while only 12% named Russia. There were also differences in opinions based on gender, with 26% of women naming China as the biggest enemy compared to 24% of men, and 20% of women regarding Russia and Republicans as the greatest threat, compared to 19% of men who said Russia and 15% who named Republicans. Additionally, 18% of women viewed Democrats as the biggest enemy of the country, compared to 27% of men.

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Factors Affecting the People's Votes

In the same article in Christian Post, age has affected voters' perceptions of who is the greatest enemy of the United States. Among those under 40, 28% said Russia is the biggest enemy, while older voters think China is the greater threat. Participants in the under-40 group were equally likely to see either Republicans or Democrats as the biggest enemy.

On the other hand, older voters believed by a 7-point margin, that the Democrats are the biggest enemy. The responses to the survey also varied among racial categories, with 28% of white respondents saying China is the biggest enemy, compared to 15% of black voters and 23% of other minority participants.

Black voters more likely to see Republicans as the biggest enemy of the United States. Income levels also seemed to influence participants' responses, with those making over $200,000 a year more likely to view Republicans as the biggest enemy.

At the same time, earning between $50,000 and $100,000 annually were more likely to see China as the bigger threat. Strong supporters of President Biden were the least likely to view China as the biggest enemy, with only 11% naming China as the greatest threat. In comparison, 38% said that Republicans are the biggest enemy.

Among those who strongly disapproved of Biden's job performance, 40% said China is the biggest enemy, and 44% felt the same about Democrats. A previous survey of 1,000 Americans conducted by Lifeway Research found that 50% of Protestants prefer to attend a politically homogenous church, while 41% disagreed and 10% were uncertain.

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