Child Abandoned
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On Saturday, the police discovered an abandoned baby in the trash, but reports say that the baby was still alive. Church members of a small pro-life church in Ardmore, Oklahoma, have expressed their deep sadness and disappointment to the baby's parents.

The parents and the abandoned child is said to have no affiliations to the church. The discovery of a baby in a dumpster at the House of Prayer on Harris Street devastated the church's Associate Pastor, Ed Skidmore.

Pastor of a Small Oklahoma Church Expressed Frustration

In a recent interview, Ed Skidmore spoke about the church's unwavering pro-life beliefs and commitment to supporting mothers and babies. Despite the tragedy, Skidmore emphasized the church's support for all affected, including the father, mother, and baby.

Skidmore said, according to Christian Post, "Of course we were absolutely heartbroken, we're pro-life from the moment of conception. We support babies in the womb. We support our local pregnancy center. We support mothers. Our hearts have gone out to the dad, the mom, the baby. We are absolutely heartbroken."

The young baby was found around 3:00 pm Saturday and was in a stable and satisfactory state as they monitored it throughout the night. In the report in WLBT, the discovery of a very young child in Ardmore has sparked a joint investigation by local law enforcement. While details are still scarce, police have confirmed that the child is not a newborn.

The Ardmore Police Department expressed gratitude for the cooperation of various agencies, including SOAS and Air Evac, the Ardmore Fire Department, and the Carter County Sheriff's Office, in securing the child's safety.

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Child Abandonment: Still a Pressing Issue From the Past Years Until Today

These incidents are not new to all and are always a question of how the parents of these children leave them, mainly because they cannot raise the child themselves, financial problems and unwanted pregnancy. A question is raised, is this better than aborting the child?

Recently in a report in Fox News, a newborn girl was discovered by Florida authorities on a hill outside a trailer park in Mulberry. The girl was still attached to her placenta and wrapped in a blanket, having been found just an hour after her birth by responding deputies to a call about a crying baby. Despite the low temperatures, the baby was taken to a hospital, where she was declared healthy and stable.

In a similar story in Christianity Daily last year, a shocking discovery was made when a man in jeans and black rubber shoes was caught on video taking out a plastic bag from a street garbage bin. The man quickly and carefully opened the bag to reveal a newborn baby who was crying and still had its umbilical cord attached.

The cries of the bystanders could be heard as they witnessed the blood-soaked infant. The man called for help from local emergency services, who arrived and brought the baby to a nearby hospital. The infant is now in stable condition as authorities investigate the matter.

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