The First Presbyterian Church is inviting people to participate in celebrating its annual World Mission Conference. The conference aims to bring attention to local and international missions and organizations, discussing how people's lives are being changed in this community, across the nation, and worldwide.

Celebration of World Mission Conference on March

As per the Thomasville Times-Enterprise, from Thursday, Mar. 2, to Sunday, Mar. 5, the World Mission Conference will be celebrated with the theme "We > ME." According to co-chairman of the 2023 World Mission Conference, Mike Bixler, the gathering is an opportunity for reflection and a gentle prompting to remember the power that comes from cooperating as the body of Christ. "The success of our local outreach ministries and global missions is largely attributed to our strong and enduring partnerships, some of them spanning a few years, many of them spanning decades," Bixler added.

The conference will take place at the First Presbyterian Church, which is located at 225 E. Jackson Street. Moreover, Rev. Dr. John Wood, interim minister of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Annapolis, Tom Logan, founder and president of the Marion Medical Mission, and Chris Granberry, executive director of Sacred Road Ministries, are among the guest speakers at this year's World Mission Conference. Other mission partners worldwide, such as Pastor Yoelkis Sierra Gonzalez of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in Guanabacoa, Cuba, will also participate online.

In addition, attendees of the World Mission Conference will have the opportunity to hear from former members of FPC mission teams Ben Lindquist, Mike Grimsley, Barbara Lee, and Jay Stauffer regarding their experiences serving in different parts the globe. Other speakers at the conference include:

  • Rev. Dr. Timothy Filston, senior pastor of FPC,

  • Kelli Vanduyne, children's ministry assistant,

  • Rev. Tyler Wilson, associate pastor and director of student ministries,

  • Bryan Watt, contemporary worship director

Furthermore, according to First Presbyterian World Mission, the conference is the foreign missions arm of the First Presbyterian Church, and its purpose is to make disciples worldwide. This objective is achieved through the strategic selection and funding of missionaries, indigenous church planters, short-term teams, and initiatives that promote the establishment, growth, and maturation of indigenous-led churches and movements in strategic global cities.

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History of First Presbyterian Church in Thomasville

The First Presbyterian Church Thomasville, was established in November of 1853 as a place of worship. A group of interested individuals gathered at Mr. A.T. MacIntyre's plantation residence, Boxhall. Seven members were organized and recognized as members of a new church in Thomasville, Georgia, by a Presbytery. Following this acknowledgment, they got together in a variety of houses and other locations, .

On the other hand, a property at Jackson Street and Dawson Street intersection was acquired in 1887 to construct the First Presbyterian Church. In 1889, the new sanctuary hosted its first-ever worship session. Seven years later, an educational extension was built, and in 1946, the first fellowship hall was constructed. Moreover, the current fellowship hall was officially opened for business a century after the cathedral's construction.

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