The "Final Fantasy VII" mobile game is now available for Apple's iPhone and iPad devices.

According to various sources, the game is actually a mobile port of the PC version that first came out in 1997.

The game can be downloaded for Apple devices running on iOS 8.0 or higher. This means players need to have at least an iPhone 5S, iPad 3 or iPad Mini 2 to get the game, according to The Verge.

Currently though, the "Final Fantasy VII" mobile game is only available for those in New Zealand through Apple's App store. It is not yet confirmed when it will debut for the North American market but it should arrive in Apple's U.S. store soon.

Based on the game's description, users need to have at least 4GB of free space just to download it and 2GB of memory to download it.

As noted by Engadget, "Final Fantasy VII" for the iOS platform is a port of the main game for the PC. Although developer Square Enix has made a few modifications in order for the game to look good on small screens, its visual quality is almost the same.

But, even though the game was designed for mobile devices, Square Enix did not include touch screen control options for the app. Instead, players can interact with the game either through a virtual analog or 4-way digital control pad.

For its game play, the "Final Fantasy VII" app comes with an option to turn off minor battles with enemies. It also has a "Max Stats" command which can instantly maximize the skill level of characters.

Its story still follows the same plot of the original game. Players will still get to play as Cloud Strife, a mercenary hired by the eco-terrorist group Avalanche to take on the Shinra Electric Power Company.

"Final Fantasy VII" came out in January 31, 1997, for the first PlayStation console and the Microsoft Windows. Since it has been regarded by gamers as one of the best titles from the franchise, it makes sense for Square Enix to bring the game to modern platforms.

But aside from iOS devices, the game will also head to the PlayStation 4. Earlier in June, Square Enix confirmed that it is developing an HD remake for "Final Fantasy VII." The studio, however, did not mention any other platforms aside from Sony's next-gen console, according to IGN.

Currently, the HD remakes does not have an official release date yet but it might take some time before it comes out it's still in its early development stages.